Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 77

Stuart Thomson or Mike Retief

Stuart decided to change his name back to Mike Retief, but he kept the name Thomson. He thought of it as his second name, in honour of the people who had cared for him and tried to get him over his memory loss.

He went through the formalities of changing his name and took a discreet ad to announce that this was the case. To celebrate it he had a quiet event at his ‘home’. He announced it to Jako and Kate-Emily.

Mike knew the judge who had been awarded the trial at the Eshowe Court – Judge Riebeek. He was in his mid-50s, and was a stern character who did not suffer fools gladly.

Riebeek had a reputation for having an underlying steeliness. He tended on the side of finding people to be “criminals”, as he referred to them in chambers, not in court. He generally found more people guilty than not guilty.

Mike informed the judge of the discovery of the DNA. “We’ll add the other person to the list. James Roderick.”

Mike answered quickly: “That’s the person – Roderick – who is responsible. Now, please release the two accused, Christmas Ndlovo and Jako Retief.”

He could sense Judge Riebeek’s hesitation on the phone. “We can’t do that. They’ll be held until we catch the guilty person or persons. Then we’ll see what to do about Mr Retief and Mr Ndlovo. They’ll be released if the other person or persons are sentenced and they did not take part in the murder of Mrs Roderick.”

Damn, Mike thought. That means we’re going to have to get the person who was cut on the bracelet. I wonder how we’re going to do that. That person is on the run and they don’t know where he is, so they can’t extract a DNA sample. Must they arrest him in order to get a DNA sample?

I’ve got work to do.

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