Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 78

James Roderick

He was freaking out. Did the person survive and get that metal object to a lawyer? He tracked the three law firms from the phone book. There was Oosthuizen and Oosthuizen, Thomson Attorneys and Litigators, and Wilson and Abercrombie.

Now he had to find a way to access the files in every one of those firms.

He started with the first one. How was he going to do this? The tightest security measures would be in place. He’d heard talk about something called DNA, and that people from overseas could tell the identity of a people from their blood?

Shit! Could this possibly be true?

Roderick thought about the magnitude of the task facing him. Accessing the evidence would be virtually impossible. After much deliberation, he decided not to risk it. Damn, I stuffed that up, he thought.

He risked staying in his home. Roused from a deep sleep in the early hours of the morning, he was awoken by a loud incessant banging on the front door. In his fuzzy half-awake state, he thought it was the spirit of Madelaine. That woke him up.

Wearing only his sleep shorts, he made his way to the front door in the dark. He could see two blurry shapes through the frosted glass, and he thought: The fuck, I’m not going to open that door.

Just then, the person on the other side of the door shouted: “Police.” He could make out the forms illuminated by the outside light he’d left on. It was dark inside the house, so with any luck they’d not seen him, and he had bare feet, so they couldn’t hear him

Turning around as quietly as he could, he grabbed some takkies (sand shoes) and quickly made his way to the back door and opened it.

He was shocked to see two more policemen there. They grabbed him and held on to him tightly, preventing him from escaping.

The two policemen manhandled him, pushing him back through the house, shouting: “We have the suspect, Roderick.”

The officer stated after they’d put him in handcuffs: “James Martin Roderick, I’m arresting you on a charge of first degree murder. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be recorded and may be used as evidence against you in court.”

Roderick thought: Now I’m in the shit and I must be quiet.

They shoved him in the back of a van and took him to jail.

There was another surprise in store for him in jail. He hadn’t met Jako before, but now they were next to each other.

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