Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 88

James Roderick

“Thank God for that. I could use this excuse in the future. Ah, that was close.” Roderick thought to himself as he felt the crap pass from his arse.

He revisited his strategy of laying the blame on that kaffir, Christmas.

Christmas had been at the scene of Madelaine’s murder, and she’d written his name in blood as proof. Surely, Judge Riebeek must accept that?

Also, he was at a disadvantage because he was black. Christmas Ndlovu must be found guilty and James must be set free. That should work on Judge Riebeek.

Ndlovu had handed over the bracelet, but there was an explanation for that.

Roderick pulled up his pants with a satisfied feeling, although he still felt tender from the violent abuse to which he had been subjected.

Roderick winced at the sight of the policeman as he exited the toilet door. He squeezed past him to wash his hands.

“I’m ready to go back to court,” he said.

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