Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 89

Christmas Ndlovu

The policeman came to the jail door and said: “I heard there was a fire in your part of the township.”

Chris and the other prisoners looked at him anxiously.

“I believe there were some deaths in the fire.” The cop said pointing to Chris: “A relative, Mrs Ndlovu, died. Your great-aunt.”

Chris couldn’t believe his ears. He squeezed into a seat to absorb the shocking news.

Later, the thought struck him: What about the diamonds? Jako and Mike will be fucking furious. He wondered what had happened to them.

Chris didn’t know what or to where he was headed. The tight handcuffs were fastened securely behind his back and he was alone in the back of the van. His loss of his great-aunt was weighing particularly heavily on his mind.

He could see the bright morning sky through the high windows. The vehicle stopped under a shady tree (no doubt shielding the police from the shimmering sun). The door to the back of the van opened noisily. He dropped to the ground and saw the faded green building ahead.

There was a handful of people outside. A sign proclaimed “Eshowe Court”, and he realised where he was. He was pushed through the door at the back of the building by a group of white policemen.

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