Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 94

Mike Retief

He thought about what Dianne had done. She had almost blown the case by leaking the information about the blood-stained bracelet to Koekemoer.

Mike sternly requested that Dianne come into his office. He stared at her piercingly.

“Do you know what you nearly did?”, he demanded.

She looked down at the carpet. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“This is a dismissible offence.” He waited for what felt like minutes for it to sink in.

“I’ve got a good mind to fire you on the spot.” He could see that she squirmed at his comment. Again, he waited for his statement to hit its mark.

She looked at him squarely in the eyes: “I’m sorry. I regret what I did.”

He felt sorry for her, but he couldn’t show that.

“I’ll give you one more chance. That’s it. One more incident and you’ll be removed from your position and asked to leave immediately.”

Dianne tried to hold back from weeping. This affected Mike, and he, too, felt close to tears to make him feel close to tears.

She repeated: “I’m really sorry, Mike.”

“I know you’re going out with Jako, but that mustn’t make any difference. You may go.”

Dianne nodded. Mike could see that she was battling to contain her tears as she walked out the door.

After she had left, Mike wondered if he had come down too hard on her.

The news about Roderick’s hanging became public on the Monday.

Mike was the first outside of the prison to hear about it, when Officer Koekemoer phoned him.

“You tell me he died two days ago?” Mike queried.


“What did they do with the body?”

“It’s in the prison mortuary.”

“What’s the plan for the two men who are in the Eshowe jail – Jako Retief and Chris Ndlovu?” Mike asked.

“They’ll be released next Friday. You or somebody else must make arrangements to collect them from the front gates.”

Mike responded: “I’ll be there.”

With that news, Mike decided to bear half the costs. He would ask Jako to come up with the other half.

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