The Twins

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Chapter Twelve

Back at the Double 0, Isis was going over the descriptions that Tina Smalls and Carl Townsend gave. She scratched her scalp as she read. The homeless man said that the two girls were crackheads and that they were dirty looking, Isis thought.

Taylor walked into the cubicle. “So, partner,” he said as he flopped down in his swivel chair, “Did you figure this thing out yet?”

“The descriptions that our witnesses, Katohwa Byrd and the homeless guy gave us from the Jenkins’ murders were that they were female crackheads. Tina Smalls and Carl Townsend said that the suspects were more like high school students. Katohwa Byrd said that one was bald headed and that they both were filthy,” Isis said. Taylor spun his chair around three hundred and sixty degrees.

“Do you know what I think?”

“First forty-eight hours in homicide and you’re already an old pro at this, huh?” Isis held her head down and rubbed her temples. “Whatcha got, rookie?”

“I think we’ve got serial killer on our hands.”

Isis raised her head and stared at Taylor. “What about the conflicting descriptions?”

Taylor sat back in his chair and rubbed his hairless chin. “I’ve got it,” he said, as he snapped his fingers. “There’s a team of messed up teenage girls running around killing men. Maybe they were all raped at one time or another, and this is how they’re getting their revenge.” Taylor smiled and said, “Well, what do you think?”

Isis had her fingers interlocked on top of her desk. She had to admit that the killing of Mr. Jenkins’ son and the body of the man that they’d found in that apartment were virtually the same.

“I like that, rookie: a team of girls. That would explain the conflicts in the descriptions that the witnesses gave.” Isis smiled at Taylor, “That’s some good detecting, dude.”


Isis thought about the dead girl that they’d found in the stairwell at Wagner projects. Even though she had duct tape wrapped around her legs, why would they kill a woman, if Taylor’s theory was right?

Lt. Stone called Isis and Taylor into his office. Taylor was silent as his partner did all the talking. “We’re looking at a possible gang of females, maybe working in teams.” Isis glanced at Taylor, “The rookie came up with that idea.” Isis focused her attention back to her boss,” We’re gonna work with that, sir, and see what we can find out.”

“Good…” At that moment, Lt. Stone’s landline started ringing. He patted his shirt pocket, then he scanned his desk for his pen.

Isis found it behind his laptop. “Here you go, sir.”

Lt. Stone hung up his phone.

Isis said, “What is it, boss?”

“A woman was found dead at the State Building.”

“The State Building? “Isis questioned.

“Get down there, Isis, and do what you do. There’s something funny going on, I can feel it.”

Isis doubled parked her Durango in front of the State Building. There were three patrol cars and an ambulance also double parked on the street. Isis and Taylor marched toward the entrance. Pedestrians moved out of the detectives’ way as they stormed into the State Building.

“Tenth floor, Detectives,” a uniformed officer called out as Isis and Taylor headed toward the elevator.

“Take the next one,” Isis said to two young men who had tried to get into the elevator.

Two EMT workers were placing a middle-aged woman into a black body bag when Isis and Taylor walked into the waiting area. “Who was she and what was the cause of death?” Isis asked.

“Her name was Mary Clark. It looks like a heart attack but…look here.” The EMT worker showed Isis the woman’s arm. “Those look like stun gun marks to me,” the EMT worker said. Isis looked at her partner. The EMT worker continued, “She was wearing an implantable, artificial cardiac device--”

“A what?” Taylor asked

“It’s a pacemaker,” Isis said. “It’s used to control the cardiac rate in a patient…”

“That’s correct, Detective. This kind of device automatically provides electrical impulses to stimulate the heart.” Isis stared at the dead woman’s face.

“Could a Taser or stun gun interfere with the electrical charges?” Taylor asked.

“Yes, of course, Detective. That why I called the suits in. Take a look at her neck. I think this was a homicide.” Isis saw two red marks on the back of the woman’s neck.

Isis and Taylor entered the office. It was large and spacious. There were bookshelves from floor to ceiling, lining the walls. A tall, rolling step ladder stood at the left of the room.

Taylor walked over to a large bay window. “Checkout this view.”

Isis went directly over to the desk and looked at the computer.

Taylor asked, “What kind of lawyer was he?”

Isis snapped on a pair of latex gloves. “What?” She was still staring at the contents that laid on top of the desk.

“What kind of lawyer was this guy?”

Isis picked up a framed photograph of a man. “Holy shit! It’s the man we found in that apartment.”

Taylor stared at Isis. “What?”

“Yeah, look.”

Taylor walked over to the desk, and Isis handed him the photo.

“I’ll be goddamn...What the hell is going on here?”

Isis was in true detective mode now. She carefully turned on Jacob’s computer using a writing pen, but there was no hard drive. “Damn it! Taylor, go and check the secretary’s computer. See what you can find out, and be careful.”

Taylor started walking towards the door, then he stopped. “This shit is really starting to stink.”

Isis opened the drawers in Jacob’s desk. There was a bottle of Brandy in one of the drawers and a box of Cuban cigars in another. She also found a box of condoms. Isis noticed a single piece of paper resting on top of the desk, it read: Sammy Russo...3:00. “He had an appointment with The Face...Sammy Russo...he’s a really bad guy,” Isis said to herself. Isis knew all about Sammy “The Face” Russo. “And if he was doing business with a man like Sammy Russo, then he was corrupt. Most likely he was washing his money for him.”

Taylor walked back into Jacob’s office and caught Isis talking to herself. She does that sometimes, but most of the time her lips would be moving but no words came out.

“The secretary’s computers is empty...were you just talking to yourself?”

“Look,” Isis said, ignoring the question. “Call for CSU. I need this place dusted.” She and Taylor took the elevator back down to the lobby.

There were security cameras all over the place. A security guard sat at his station. All the buzz that was going on in his building made him extremely nervous. His heart skipped a beat when he saw an angry looking female detective heading his way.

“Hey, I’m Detective Williams and this here is my partner Detective Taylor.”

“I’m Maurice...Maurice White. Was that really the lady from the tenth floor that those guys carried out of here?”

“Her name was Mary Clark,” Isis said.

“Oh, my God. She was a nice lady.” The security guard started sweating. “What happened to her?”

“It looks like a heart attack. Tell me, Maurice...any unusual teenagers happen to come into the building today?”

White removed a handkerchief from his jacket pocket. He patted his forehead. “No…”

Isis asked the guard about the security cameras. The security guard looked around.

“I’m gonna need to look at the images on all of your security cameras from this floor and the tenth--and all the elevators.”

“No problem, Detective.” Taylor asked the security guard if he’d seen Jonathan Jacob leave the building with anybody this morning.

“I’m going to have to check the photos…” White tapped a couple of keys on his laptop. “What did you say his name was?”

“Jonathan Jacobs. Tenth floor.”

“Okay, I got it.” White looked at the image of Jacob for a second. “Yeah, I remember him leaving the building with two hot looking chicks.” The security guard looked at Isis. “My bad, I didn’t mean no disrespect.”

“None taken.” She smiled at him.

“As a matter of fact, about a half an hour or so later, those two ladies signed back into the building.

“They didn’t return with Mr. Jacobs?” Taylor asked.

“No,” the security guard answered, wiping the sweat from his brow.

Isis and Taylor were taken to a side room to view the contents of the security cameras. Isis asked White to start at the beginning of the work day. By the time the digital readout on the screen read: 1:47 pm, thousands of people had come in and out of the building. But then, at 1:50 pm, Isis saw them. Two beautiful looking young ladies ambled into the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Building. “That’s them. Freeze that image!” she said excitedly.

Isis was looking at a seventy inch, multiple screen T.V. “Zoom in a little on those two right there,” she said as she pointed at the screen. Taylor stood right behind her. The screen had split into four sections. The two young ladies could be seen from four different angles. Isis and Taylor moved in closer. One of the girls carried a black backpack. Isis stared at the girl. She watched as the girls walked up to the security desk. She watched as they made their way to the elevator. She watched as one of the girls turned and smiled at the hidden camera inside the elevator. Isis looked at the security guard.

“Most people know where the cameras are, Detective,” White said.

The girls had gotten off on the tenth floor. Twenty minutes later, Jonathan Jacobs and the two girls stepped into the elevator. Isis watched as Jacobs rubbed the ass of one of the girls.

“Did he just grabbed her ass?” the security guard asked.

Isis did not answer.

The video then switched back to the lobby where Jacobs and the girls could be seen leaving the building. Isis instructed White to fast forward the video. At 4:23 pm, the two girls walked back into the State Building alone, checked in with security, and strolled toward the elevator; five minutes later the two young girls could be seen stepping out of the elevator and walking out of the building arm-in-arm.

“Gotcha!” Isis said. She and Taylor gave each other a high five. But Isis’ jubilation ended abruptly when she thought about the girls’ behavior.

“What’s wrong?” Taylor asked.

Isis asked the security guy to replay the video. “If you’d just committed a murder, would you smile at the camera?”

Taylor felt the wind leave his sail. “No…I guess not.”

Isis stared at the frozen image of the smiling girl. “Why is she mugging it up for the cameras? And why are they strolling in and out of the building like they don’t have a care in the world?”

Taylor rubbed the back of his neck. “So, what the hell are they up to?”

“I don’t know, but I’m definitely gonna find out.” Isis thanked White for all his help.

Before she and Taylor left the State Building, the security guard gave Isis a copy of the video. Once outside, Isis told Taylor to run the images through the database and put an APB on the two girls. She also told him to question Tina Smalls again. “I’m going to stop by Jacobs’ apartment, then I’m goin’ over to Queens to see Sammy “The Face” Russo.”

Williams was on her way to South Ozone Queens. But first she stopped at Jacobs’ apartment. Isis was searching for a hard drive, but what she found was a shoebox full of X-rated videos featuring teenage girls.

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