The Twins

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Chapter Eighteen

Isis walked into Toni’s apartment building, then she sprinted up to the second floor, taking two stairs at a time. She shouted that she was home when she entered the apartment.

“I’m in the bathroom, you know what I was thinking—”

Isis stepped into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet seat. “What were you thinking?”

Toni was sitting on the edge of the bathtub with her feet in the tub. The lights were dimmed, and she was adding bubbles to the bath water. The whole bathroom smelled like lavender. Isis kicked off her sneakers and began to remove her clothes.

“I was saying, we should go out tonight.”

Isis slid her body into the heavily scented water and exhaled. “This feels marvelous...were you saying something?”

“Do you want to go out and eat tonight? I’m sick of takeout.”


“Good, cause there’s this place downtown called Pop’s. It’s new. I think you’re going to like it.”

Isis dozed off.

“Isis!” Toni threw a washcloth at Isis’s face. “Did you hear me?”

“Yeah, yeah, I heard you…Pop’s.” Isis got herself together, and the women chatted. On the stereo, Alicia Keys was singing softly in the background. Toni lit up a joint, and the women shared a glass of wine. Toni and Isis sat in the tub soaking for a few minutes before Toni lifted her left leg and scissored with Isis. She slowly brushed her genitals against Isis’s. Isis inhaled through her teeth—as if something hot had just touched her skin. Toni began grinding against Isis--slowly at first, then with more vigor.

As the two dried one another off, Isis said, “I don’t have anything to wear.”

Toni, who was a couple of inches taller than Isis, said, “I got a pair of jeans in my closet, but you might have to roll them a little, and I think we wear the same size in shoes.”

Isis loved the jeans and the pumps that she’d borrowed from her girlfriend. While Isis was putting on a pair of earrings—which she also borrowed—one of them fell to the floor. Isis dropped to knees to retrieve it. When she did, she noticed a large suitcase underneath Toni’s bed. Toni entered the room and saw Isis’s ass sticking up. She gently patted it. “What are you doing under there, sexy lady?”

Isis stood up. “Planning on goin’ on a trip somewhere?”

“What? Oh, the suitcase.” Toni pulled the suitcase from under the bed, but before she opened it, she gave Isis a look.

“What?” Isis paused for a moment. “Oh my, God! You got drugs in there.”

“No, you crazy lady. I got this.” Toni opened the suitcase, and Isis stared at a collection of guns.

“Wow! What the hell…”

Toni removed a Sig Sauer P220. “My father was a gun collector. Half of these, he gave to me. The other half I picked up myself.”

Isis picked up an Automag 3.30 carbine. “This is nice…”

“This here is my baby,” Toni said as she removed a 2mm Kolibri Adams from the suitcase. The small gun fit perfectly in her hand. Toni tucked the weapon into the back of her jeans, then she pulled it out like she was in a gunfight.

“I like it, I like it,” Isis said. Then she stared at a Mossberg 500 chainsaw shotgun. “And what the hell is that for?”

Toni placed the Kolibri Adams back in the suitcase. “My father gave that to me. You never know, it might come in handy one day.”

Isis and Toni sat at a candle-lit table at Pop’s Place, in Soho. The restaurant smelled heavenly. A male waiter arrived carrying a wine list. “Welcome to Pop’s.” He handed both women a list. The young waiter could not take this eyes off of Isis.

“Why in the hell are you looking at me like that, dude?”

Embarrassed, the waiter said, “Give me a wave when you’re ready to order.”

“You are so bad,” Toni whispered to Isis when the waiter walked away. “He just thought you were sexy, that’s all.”

Isis waved Toni off. “Yeah, yeah, I know. I just wanted to erase any thoughts he may have had…” Toni leaned over the table and tried to kiss Isis, but Isis pulled away. “I’m so sorry... I mean. Oh my God. I am so sorry... I didn’t mean to...”

“That’s okay, Isis. I shouldn’t have—”

“No, no. It’s just that I’ know...not ready for that—”

“You don’t have to explain, baby. I understand.” Toni picked up the wine list and smiled.

Isis waved to the waiter. She ordered a bottle of wine from Carmel Winery. The women finished their meal and discussed their current living conditions. They decided to rotate their arrangement: one week at Isis’ place and one week at Toni’s. Isis also wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Toni didn’t, but she had agreed.

“You know, Taylor wanted to quit on me last night.”

“Quit, why?”

Isis went on to tell Toni the whole story.

“I have cousin that worked at Taylor’s old house—”

“What? The 7-5?”

“Yes, it’s rumored that Taylor was forced out by a group of prostitutes.”

“Forced out. Why?”

“Well, apparently…” Toni leaned in closer to Isis. “He has a sex problem.”

“What do you mean, sex problem? Do you mean he can’t get enough?” Isis asked, answering her own question.

Toni nodded her head. “He was screwing every hooker in the neighborhood.”

Isis looked at Toni and crinkled her nose. “Damn, he’s nasty. How many do they say he did?”

“Hundreds, some say thousands.”

Isis sat back in her seat. “Get out.”

“Yeah, some of the girls claimed that he messed them up inside.”

“What, he broke their pussies?” Isis whispered. Isis and Toni’s laughter broke out simultaneously.

Their conversation turned personal when Isis told Toni that she loved the cat and mouse game of being a detective. “The thrill of the hunt is what I live for.” She also told Toni that although she has a career in law enforcement, she detested the criminal justice system because of what the system did to her mother. “My sister still hates me because of what happened. It was my fault that I wasn’t there to stop the argument, but it was the criminal justice system that killed my mother.” Isis told Toni about her “claim to fame” arrest. “It was my second year in homicide. A young woman was found shot to death in her apartment on 123rd St. She was the daughter of the police commissioner’s sister. Anyway, she was shot in the face with a shotgun. Whoever did it didn’t leave anything at the scene in the way of physical evidence. But I had a feeling…” Isis paused as the waiter walked up to their table and asked the detectives if there was anything else that he could get for them. Isis and Toni both said no.

Isis continued her story: “Two days later, I went back to the crime scene and went over everything again...” Isis paused for a dramatic effect. “Then I found something that forensics missed…”

“What?” Toni asked excitedly.

“Well, after two hours of searching, I took a little break and stood by the window. I was facing the bed when it dawned on me. I got down on my hands and knees and checked under the bed, and that’s when I saw it. The suspect—who was her boyfriend—said that she’d never let him in the apartment and that they’d always had sex at his place. The lying bastard. I found a little sliver of something that looked like glue. But when the guys at the lab got done with it, well, it turned out to be nasal mucus. The nasty bastard dug his fingers in his nose and wiped it on the bed rail.”

“Wow, what a story.”

Isis didn’t tell Toni the whole story, and she felt guilty for not doing so. I’ll tell her the whole story someday, she thought.

Isis’ story made her think about her current case. She told Toni all about the body of the homeless man that was found by the heliport and his friend’s description of the suspects. “He was absolutely sure that they were twins.” Toni’s facial expression changed as she sat back in her chair. Her training in behavioral science kicked in.

Isis noticed. “What? Whatcha got, Toni?”

Toni sat up straight, placed her forearms on the table, and interlocked her fingers. “He said that the suspects were screaming obscenities at their victim as they were attacking him?”

“Yeah, he said that they were acting like demons, like they were possessed or something.”

Toni sat back in her seat again and stared at Isis.

“What the hell is it, Toni? You’re driving me freakin’ crazy.”

“You want to know what I think—”


Toni smiled. “I think the killers were viciously raped at one time. When we look at each of the murders we can see a pattern forming. First, there’s the fixation on the genitals, a kind of obsession, then there’s the screaming. Didn’t a witness at the Jonathan Jacobs murder scene tell a police officer that she heard some screaming coming from Jacob’s apartment?”


“These girls are acting out of rage. Something happened to them when they were young or they may have seen something that triggered this rage. This may have happened during their sexual transitional period.”

“You mean while they were pre-teenagers?”

“Precisely. I’m willing to bet a year’s salary that when you finally catch these two, you’ll learn that they were sexually abused at this stage of their lives, or earlier.”

Isis listened intensely.

Toni continued: “According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health, any kind of extreme mental trauma or sexual abuse during this stage in a young girl’s life can produce a severe mental disorder... “Toni paused. “Do you know what I think—”

“For God’s sake, Toni, I wish you would stop saying that.”

“Okay, okay. I think that you should put together a list of teenage girls that were viciously raped, and where the perps were never caught.”

“So what you’re saying is that these two girls are committing these crimes because of what may have happened to them when they were younger?”


“But what about the two women that were killed?”

“The women were collateral damage.”

“That’s good stuff, Toni. That FBI training that you take every year is really paying off…” Isis hesitated and stared at Toni.

“What’s wrong, do I have food on my face?” Toni asked while she wiped the corners of her mouth.

“You know,” Isis said, shaking her finger at Toni. “You and I would make a damn good team, partners in the fight against crime.”

Toni smiled. Then she waved the waiter back over.

Detective Taylor closed the door to his Infiniti and tried to steady himself. He’d spent three hours drinking at his favorite bar before he’d decided to drive over to see his ex-wife. Taylor pulled out his cell phone and tried to hit speed dial, but the phone slipped out of his hand and slammed into the concrete. The cell phone shattered into three large pieces. He stooped to pick up one of the pieces and stumbled to the ground. Taylor looked up at his old bedroom window and saw that his ex-wife had their love lights on. Then he saw a figure by the open window. Donna. Taylor’s heart skipped a beat when he saw another figure at the window. It was a man, and he was standing directly behind his ex-wife.

“Donna!” he yelled. “Donna! Come to the window. I need to talk to you, please.” Detective Taylor repeated his message over and over until his ex-wife finally acknowledged him.

“Andrew, what the hell are you doing out there? Go home.”

Taylor went on a drunken rant for ten minutes before the large body came to the window. “Look, friend, she doesn’t want to talk to you,” the large man shouted down to him, “So, why don’t you pack it up and call it a night?”

Taylor continued his ranting. “Fuck you, fuck her, fuck everybody. I don’t need her, I don’t need anybody...fuck it…” Taylor staggered back to his car. He sat behind the wheel for twenty minutes before he started the engine.

Taylor doubled parked his car in front of his favorite bar. He exited his ride and wobbled into the bar. Fifteen minutes later, Taylor came out of the bar with four young hookers.

At 10:30 am, the cafeteria at NYU was buzzing with activity. Students with their Smartphones, iPads, and laptops were busy doing what they do. Stacey and Jannifer both ordered a cup of coffee and a cream cheese bagel. They took a table at the far end of the cafeteria.

“Look,” Jannifer said to her sister. “Lover boy just walked in.” Stacey glanced over her shoulder, then she turned back and smiled at her sister. Jannifer waved Derrick Simmons over.

“Good morning, ladies.” Derrick greeted the twins with a smile that showed off his perfectly capped teeth. “May I join you?” Derrick stood at six feet, and he’d possessed an athlete’s body. Some say that he was a dead ringer for a young Brad Pitt.

“Sure,” Jannifer said. “Have a seat.”

Derrick smoothed back his brown hair, then he stared at Stacey. “I’m sorry—”

“Sorry about what?” Jannifer said, cutting Derrick off.

“For my girlfriend’s actions. She had no right—”

“You’re damn right she had no right.” Stacey placed her hand on top of her sister’s, calming Jannifer down. “We saw you and your girlfriend going into that motel in Queens,” Jannifer said before she took a bite out of her bagel.

“What were you doing out in Queens? Spying on me?”

“Yes,” Jannifer said, giving Derrick a look.

“Yeah, right.”

“We were out there visiting our aunt,” Stacey said. “So, that’s where you take your girls?”

“Yeah,” Derrick said with a smug look on his face.

“So, when are you going to ask us over?” Jannifer asked.

Derrick shot Jannifer a look. “What?”

“You heard us.”

“I…” Derrick paused for a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow. “I didn’t know that you two were interested….” His eyes were locked on Stacey.

“Well, we are,” Jannifer said as she finished off her coffee. She looked at Derrick. “What’s wrong, lover boy? You can’t handle two women?”

Derrick had to think about it for a second. He’d never been with two women before. “Hell yeah, I can handle two women,” he said. “What about tomorrow at 7:00?”

“Good,” Jannifer said. “We’ll be there.”

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