The Twins

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Chapter Twenty-Three

The next morning Isis and Toni drove to High Line Park on Twenty-Third St. The two detectives jogged the length of the park twice. Afterward, Isis and Toni drove back to Toni’s apartment and showered.

Isis tried calling Taylor, but her calls went straight to voicemail. ” Listen, I wanna stop by Taylor’s place before I clock in and see how he’s doing,” Isis said as she glanced at her watch. It was 7:45 am. “He really scared me yesterday. At one point, I thought he was goin’ to pull the trigger.”

“I hope he took your advice and called that psychiatrist.”

“Yeah, Dr. Wilcock is the best. She helped me a lot when I was younger.”

Isis double parked in front of Taylor’s apartment building. She and Toni jogged the five flights up to his apartment. Isis noticed instantly that the door was ajar, and both detectives removed their weapons. Isis pushed the door open and called out Taylor’s name. She looked at Toni and nodded. They entered Taylor’s apartment with their guns blazing, and what they saw shocked them both. A body was laid out on the floor. It was covered with duct tape from head to toe, except for the eyes and the groin area. “Taylor!” Isis shouted as she moved toward the body.

Toni grabbed her by the shoulder. “No, don’t move, Isis, you might disturb some vital trace evidence.” Isis shook herself loose from Toni’s grip and stared at her partner’s dead body.

Someone had stuffed a Vodka bottle into the hole where Taylor’s manhood use to be. Isis also noticed that a pair of women panties were also stuffed into the wound. Sick bitches. One of Taylor’s neighbors stopped in front of the apartment and peeked in. He screamed.

An emergency medical team burst into Taylor’s apartment four minutes and thirty-five seconds after Toni had made the call. Forensic Pathologist and CSI specialist Raymond Johnson entered the apartment. He looked at the body. “Sweet Jesus! Is that Taylor?”

Isis scanned the entire room while she stood rooted to the spot. She noticed the pants that Taylor wore yesterday when they’d drove over to Mrs. Time’s apartment in Carroll Gardens; the pants was lying in the far corner of the room. She also noticed the shoes that he wore. And although the head on the body was covered with duct tape, Isis knew it was her partner, she could tell by the eyes. “Yeah, that’s him,” she said, dolefully.

“Listen,” Raymond said. “I’m going to need everybody to please clear the premises.”

Isis’s Smartphone went off. It was her niece, Pam. She wanted to know if their girls’ night out was still on.

“Are we, Auntie?” Pam asked. “Cause you know I want to wear my new outfit,” she said, laughing. Isis stared at her partner’s body. Her mouth went dry and tears slid down her cheeks.

“Yeah, Pam, we’re still on for tonight.”

Derrick Simmons and his girlfriend, Pam, laid on top of a queen-sized bed staring at the ceiling at the Due Motor Inn in Rego Park, Queens. “Oh, my God, that was the best sex I ever had,” Derrick said as he took a quick glance at his watch. It was 6:34 pm. Although the couple had just finished having sex, he knew Pam was still upset with the way he’d drooled all over that girl, Stacey.

“Come on,” he said. You can’t be still mad.” Derrick propped himself on one elbow and looked into Pam’s eyes. “Look,” he said. “That girl don’t mean shit to me.” Derrick checked his watch again. “You know how much I love you.”

Pam touched her boyfriend’s face. “You better not be lying to me, Derrick.”

Derrick leaned over and kissed Pam on the mouth. “You’re gonna miss your night out with your aunt if you don’t get going.”

Pam looked at her watch. “Holy shit, I gotta get home and change.” Pam jumped out of bed and began snatching her clothes off the floor. “Where are my panties?” she asked as she pulled up her jeans. “I gotta go.” She glared at her boyfriend. “We’ll talk about this later.” Pam was carrying her sneakers when she ran from the room.

Back at the Double 0, Isis and Toni sat inside Lt. Stone’s office. “Most of the tenants said that they heard shouting all night long—” Toni said.

“Obscenities, the killers were screaming obscenities!” Isis shouted, cutting Toni off. Isis had a wild look in her eyes.

“Raymond believes that Taylor was killed six or seven hours before we arrived. That means he was killed between 12:30 and 1:30 am,” Toni continued.

“I’m gonna get those bitches,” Isis said flatly. “I’m gonna fuckin’ get them. They’re gonna pay for what they’d did to Taylor.”

“Isis, your cell phone is going off,” Lt. Stone said. Isis patted all her pockets before she found her phone. She glanced at the screen. “Oh my God, I forgot all about Pam.”

Isis and her niece, Pam, sat in the mezzanine section at the Al Hirschfeld Theater in midtown Manhattan checking out a performance of Kinky Boots.

However, Isis’ mind was not on the play.

She was thinking about her dead partner. Isis glanced at her niece. Pam was staring at the performers with wide eyes. And although the death of her partner weighed heavy on Isis’ mind, she knew that she had to focus her attention on her niece, otherwise Pam would start asking all kinds of questions. “Are you having fun?”

“Yeah,” Pam said, without looking at her aunt. “This is the hottest show in town.”

After the show, Isis took her niece to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que on 125th St. After dinner, the two of them took a stroll toward Riverbank State Park.

Isis enjoyed the company of her niece, who was growing into a splitting image of herself. The night was beautiful, and a gentle breeze was blowing off the Hudson. The couple stopped and stared across the river. Pam went on and on about how wonderful the evening was and how much fun she was having.

Isis’ mind drifted.

“Are you okay, Auntie?”

“Huh? Oh, I’m fine,” Isis said as she turned to face her niece. “Pam, there’s something I want to tell you.”


“Well, I’m seeing someone.”

“Oh my God! Who? Does he have money? Is he rich?”

“Now Pam, how many times have I told you that money isn’t everything? And besides, it’s not a he.”

“Get out of town,” Pam said as she playfully punched her aunt on the shoulder. “I never knew you were gay. Didn’t you go out with Dr. Sexy, I mean, Dr. Johnson?”

“Yeah, but—”

“Tell me about her?” Pam asked excitedly.

Isis went on to tell her niece how she and Toni met.

“Have you two had sex yet?”

“Pamerla, that’s none of your business. Anyway, she’s a part of CSI team and she’s beautiful,” Isis said, blushing.

“Dr. Johnson couldn’t bring you to an orgasm, huh?”


“I’m just saying...most girls I know who turned lesbian say that their man couldn’t make them cum…”

“Pamerla, please.” Isis felt uncomfortable having this kind of conversation with her teenage niece.

“Well, it’s true...I bet that sucks,” Pam said.

Isis gave her niece a stern look.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that? I know you don’t think that I’m still a virgin.”

Isis placed her hands over her ears. “I’m not hearing this.” She changed the subject. “How is your mother?”

Pam sighed. “She’s doing all right, I guess.”

“Listen, Pam, I don’t want you to tell your mother about my relationship, okay? She’s from the old school, and I don’t think she’ll understand.”

Pam kissed her aunt. “Don’t worry Auntie, I won’t.”

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