The Twins

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Chapter Thirty-Two

Isis walked out of Maria Rodriguez’s apartment building deflated. Toni could see the stress was starting to get to her partner. Isis paced back and forth in front of her Durango, cursing. “We’ve got to find some physical evidence.” Isis pointed her mongoose device at her vehicle, disengaging the locks.

She sat inside her truck, musing. That DNA sample could have been there for days, or maybe even weeks, she thought as she stared out onto 147th St. Isis removed her cell phone and called Anthony Bliss. She wanted to know if there was any new evidence that would point the finger at another suspect, but there wasn’t.

“What now?” Toni asked.

For a few moments, Isis just sat there, staring. “Okay, let’s go over to Queens and talk to the medical examiner.”

Isis parked on Broadway, across the street from the main entrance of Elmhurst Hospital Center. A petite, young Asian woman sat behind a computer at the information desk. “Can I help you?” she said to Isis. Isis flashed her badge and asked the young woman for the location of the medical examiner’s office. She was told that it was on sub-level one. When Isis and Toni stepped out of the elevator, there was a sign that read: Kaless Holding, Medical Examiner, RM-1.

A middle-aged black woman sat behind a desk staring at her computer when she heard a tap at the door. The door was ajar. But before she could say come in, Isis had opened the door. She held her badge in her hand and Toni followed.

“Can I help you?”

“Dr. Holding, I’m Detective Williams, and this here is my partner Detective Toni. We’re from the Double 0 precinct. We’re here to talk about the Derrick Simmons murder.”

“Yes, Derrick Simmons’ body has been taken to a funeral parlor in Manhattan, but I recorded the procedure. Come.” ME Holding waved the detectives over to her desk. Isis watched the computer screen as Dr. Holding tapped on her keyboard. Derrick Simmons’ body was lying on a metal table; a white sheet covered it. The medical examiner was pulling the sheet off Derrick’s body. When Isis saw the face of the victim, she gasped.

“His face was totally obliterated,” the medical examiner announced “The killer doused his head with so much super glue...his epidermis and dermis were removed down to the subcutaneous tissues. That mound of duct tape right over there,” she was pointing to the right of the screen, “his whole face is stuck to the adhesive part.”

Isis and Toni stared at the computer screen in disgust.

“Sweet Jesus!” Toni murmured.

Derrick’s face was reduced to raw tissue and blood vessels. His eyelids, lips, nose, and ears were missing from the hideous stump that was his head.

“What was the cause of death?” Isis said.

“Exsanguination. He bled out, then the killer taped up his head.”

“Crazy fuckin’ bitches,” Isis muttered. The medical examiner told Isis that there were no prints found on the tape.

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