The Twins

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Chapter Thirty-Three

Three days later.

“I know the freakin’ law, Toni. I know that whatever I remove from their apartment will not be admissible in a court of law. I know that if I get caught, it would mean my career, but I don’t care, Toni, I don’t fuckin’ care anymore.” Isis sat on her queen-sized bed, right next to Toni. The two women stared at each other. “Look,” Isis said. “You don’t have to come with me, but I need a sample of their DNA and I’m gonna get it with or without you.”

Toni watched Isis as she got up and stood in front of her. Isis stooped and placed her forearms on top of Toni’s knees. She looked into Toni’s eyes. “I’m going, Toni…look, the evidence that we collect would be for our benefit. This way we’ll know that we’re on to the right people. This is how we’ve done it in the past—” Isis stopped abruptly.

Toni looked at Isis funny. “What do you mean, we’ve done it in the past? Who?”

Isis told Toni she’d explain it to her sometimes, but for now, Isis wanted to know if Toni was in or if she was out. Isis continued: “After the DNA sample checks out, we’ll follow those two monsters until they strike again, and when they do, we’ll be right there waiting for them.

Toni pondered over what her girlfriend was saying.

“C’mon, Toni, I’ll be in and out in less than five minutes.” Isis sat down next to Toni again. She nudged Toni playfully with her shoulder. “It’ll take five minutes, tops. Let’s do it for Pam.”

Detectives Williams and Toni had been parked on Sullivan St. in the village for over ten hours. They were parked on the opposite side of the street from Stacey and Jannifer Hill’s apartment building. It was 4:37am.

The weather had turned ominous: dark clouds gathered overhead. Isis had her window rolled halfway down. She knew the girls lived on the second floor. She even knew what kind of lock they had on their door. She patted the front pocket of her jeans to make sure that her lock picking kit was still there.

“Damn, it’s starting to come down now,” Toni said. She looked over at Isis, who was still staring at the second-floor window.

“Do you think they’re in there?” Toni asked.

Isis said nothing.

Toni repeated herself.

Isis grabbed the door handle, then she looked at Toni. “I hope not.” Isis opened the door, closed it, and ran across the street.

“Five minutes, Isis, five minutes, then I’m coming after you!”

It took Isis thirty seconds to pick the lock on the door. She opened it and quietly tiptoed across the threshold. Her heart was beating like crazy. Isis gently closed the door and instantly the darkness engulfed her. She pressed her back against the wall and waited for her eyes to adjust to the blackness. Isis waited a full minute, but the blackness clung to her like a wetsuit. Then it hit her: the whole apartment was painted black...oh my God! The pitch blackness of the apartment had implications that scared the hell out of her. She freed her .9mm Glock from her holster. She strained her ears for any movement, but all she heard was the sound of her heart pounding. It mixed in with the sound of the rain attacking the windows. Thunder boomed, forcing Isis to jump. She took a deep breath to still her nerves. Isis reached into her back pocket and removed her Maglite. But she thought twice about switching it on. She didn’t want anybody on the street—especially the police—to think there was a burglar inside the apartment. She put the Maglite back into her pocket.

With her back pressed against the wall—and with trepidation—Isis took her first step. Like a caterpillar, Isis inched her way down the dark hallway.

Detective Williams’ super cop persona gave way to a heart-gripping fear that she had never experienced in her professional career. The relentless pounding of her heart sent blood circulating through her system at twice the normal rate, which made her ears clog up. A trickle of blood slid out of her left nostril. Every fiber in her body told her to get the hell out of there, but Isis didn’t listen. She took a few steps before she came to the end of the wall. It turned at a right angle. And with her back pressed against the wall, she turned also. Isis’ nerves sizzled and her legs locked when she saw a light from a flickering candle coming from a room on her side of the wall. Oh, my sweet Jesus, they’re home! A voice screamed inside her head. Her fight or flight response was tilted toward the flight. But what pushed Isis onward was the thought of her family: her mother, her father, her sister, her niece, and her murdered partner, Detective Andrew Taylor. She had to get some kind of DNA. A comb, a toothbrush, a tampon...something.

Isis pressed on. She noticed a window was left open in a room on the opposite side of the narrow hall. A black curtain was blowing in the wind and raindrops could be heard attacking the windowsill. She stopped inches away from the room with the flickering light. Fear totally consumed her. She stood as still as a statue. With her Glock held tightly in her hands and the barrel pointing toward the floor, Isis took a deep breath, counted down from three, then she peeked into the room...the room with the flickering light, the room of Stacey and Jannifer Hill.

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