The Twins

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Chapter Thirty-Five

A news van from Eyewitness News was parked in front of the Double 0 precinct. Toni parked Isis’ truck in the parking area and helped her partner toward the side entrance of the precinct. Every eye in the squad room was on Isis and Toni when they walked in. Isis pulled her Yankee baseball cap down closer to her sunglasses. It was as quiet as a crypt as the detectives made their way toward Lt. Stone’s office. Lt. Stone was standing in his doorway with his hands on his hips. “Glad you two could make it,” he said as he let them pass. Lt. Stone closed his door and said, “What the hell happened, Isis?”

Isis adjusted her large sunglasses and ran her hand across her mouth. “I fucked up, sir, they were in the apartment—”

“You know you dropped the listening device, right? The cops found it. Tyler is pressing charges.”

Isis lowered her head.

Stone rubbed his goatee. “Dammit, Isis!” The lieutenant began to pace, then he stopped and stared at Toni. “How much does she know?” Stone said, pointing at Toni.


“What happen to your face?”

“They attacked me, sir.” Isis removed her sunglasses. Her left eye was swollen shut, and her cheek was purple.

“Jeez, they really did a number on you. How could this have happened? Weren’t you watching the apartment building?” he said as he sat down.

“Yes, sir,” Isis said as she put back on her sunglasses. “I could have sworn they weren’t in there. We watched that apartment for over ten hours...I’m sorry sir, I fucked up.”

Lt. Stone watched his favorite detective closely. “I’m sorry too, Isis. But you’re both suspended pending the outcome…” Stone lowered and shook his head. Isis’ knees were jumping. “You two are to go nowhere near Stacey and Jannifer Hill.” Lt. Stone paused. “It’s out of my hands now.” Lt. Stone stood up and pushed his swivel chair away with the back of his knees. Isis tried to stand on her own, but she could not. Toni helped her to her feet.

“I’ll deal with this, Isis. It’s not your fault--”

“No sir, please don’t do that. You’ve got two years before your retirement. Don’t throw twenty-five years down the drain…”

Stone stared into Isis’ face. He was touched by her concern. He leaned closer to Isis and whispered something in her damaged ear. Isis told him she couldn’t hear a thing in that ear. He gave her a sympathetic look. Stone shook Isis’ hand, then he said to Toni, “You take care of her, you hear me?”

Toni nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“Okay then, are you ready, Isis?”

“Yes, Lieutenant.”

Lt. Leroy Stone walked over to the door, flung it open, and shouted, “You’re done, Detectives, place your guns and badges on my desk and get the hell out of my office!” Everyone in the squad room turned their heads in the direction of Lt. Stone’s booming voice, and when the detectives crossed the threshold of his office, Lt. Stone slammed his door.

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