The Twins

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Chapter Forty-One

At 10:10 pm, the temperature was a beautiful seventy-five degrees. Toni adjusted her breasts, which were nesting in a push-up bra she was wearing. She smoothed out the black strapless mini that she wore with both hands. She then reached into her Valentino handbag and removed a compact. She stared at the green contact lenses Isis had placed in her eyes and the honey blond wig she wore on top of her head. The black and gold stilettos increased her height by three inches.

After the detectives had left Amy Jordan at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, they’d stopped by Amy’s parents’ home to pick up a colored 8x10 photo of Amy. The detectives then stopped by Isis’ favorite beauty salon where the beautician had transformed Toni—as close as she could—into Amy Jordan.

Isis had an idea that if the twins were attached to the way Amy Jordan looked, maybe they would be attached to a look-alike. Toni had agreed to undergo the transformation, citing Isis was too unsteady. Isis had no idea that the twins would be at the party, but what did she have to lose?

Toni placed the compact back into her handbag, then she spoke into the golden Egyptian ankh Isis had given her. It had a tiny transmitter attached to the back. Toni licked her rose colored lips. “Check one...I’m going to knock now…”

A half a block away, Isis sat inside her Durango with an earpiece stuck in her good ear. She rolled her eyes at the message Toni had just sent. “Go the hell in, then.”

Toni rang the bell. The door opened, and a beautiful young woman dressed in a maid’s outfit asked Toni for her invitation. Toni passed the young woman a card that Amy had given Isis. The pretty young lady nodded and smiled at Toni.

Toni walked past the woman, and as she did, the young lady closed the door behind her. She secured a slide bolt lock that was mounted at the top of the door. The maid had to stand on the tips of her toes to do so--she wasn’t wearing any panties. Toni blushed as she stared at the maid’s perfectly shaped ass. “Follow me,” the maid said, as she led Toni down a dimly lit hallway. Reefer smoke invaded Toni’s sense of smell.

At the end of the hallway a long, black silk curtain blocked the way into the living room. Adrenaline poured into Toni’s bloodstream. “Welcome to The L Club,” the maid said as she pulled back the curtain. “I hope you have a pleasant time.” The maid smiled, then she gave Toni a sexy wink.

With twenty-four hours to go before the trial of Pamerla Thomas, Isis knew that she had to get some kind of DNA from the twins. A DNA sample would prove that Stacey and Jannifer McHill were in the same motel room that Derrick Simmons was murdered in—although they claimed they’d never visited the motel. Isis bit off the last of her fingernails as she listened to Toni through her headset.

The first thing Toni noticed was the ambiance of the room. The walls and ceiling were painted black, and someone had painted tiny stars all over the room. There was a large, golden ceiling fan rotating overhead. Toni stepped into the living room and noticed a sectional couch that hugged the contour of the entire room. Women were making out, and some were having outright sex. Toni pulled her eyes away from the couples that were having sex and continued to scan the room. In every corner of the living room stood an exact replica of street lamps taken from the early 20th century. The room had a therapeutic feel to it. Toni also noticed every woman in the room had a pair of bunny slippers on. Toni looked down at the floor. It was parquet and polished to a high shine.

Another maid excused herself as she walked past Toni. She too was dressed as a maid. And if Toni had to guess the girl’s age, she would have placed her between sixteen and seventeen years old.

Toni watched as the maid carried a tray over to two women having a deep conversation. The tray contained two Lick It vibrators (a small device that is placed on the tip of the tongue), one of Isis and Toni’s favorite.

The maid bent over, and she too wore no panties. “Do you want me to get you something for your feet?” the maid that let her into the party asked.

“Huh? Oh, yes, thank you.”

The maid looked down at Toni’s feet. “Size six, right?”

“Yes, size six, thank you.”

A minute later, the maid brought Toni a pair bunny slippers. Toni removed her stilettos.

“Here, I’ll take those,” the maid said. “When you’re ready to leave just let me know, okay?”

“Human Nature” sung by Michael Jackson floated from hidden speakers. Toni watched as the couple, who’d just received the Lick It vibrators, got up and started slow dancing. Their movements were sexual. The couple was grinding their pelvises together with such ferocity, it looked as if they were trying to become one flesh. Toni looked down at her bunny slippers, smoothed out her black mini, and smiled to herself. This was her kind of place.

Isis stared at the windshield as she listened for any sounds of distress that her partner might give. Although the keywords the detectives came up with were rather straightforward—help me, Isis—The detective was not taking any chances.

Someone tapped Toni on the shoulder. She turned. There was a beautiful young lady standing behind her. “Excuse me. Are you okay?” the young woman asked.

Toni was momentarily taken aback by the girl’s looks. She was exquisite. “Yes, I’m fine. I’m just waiting for a friend.” Toni felt nervous. She knew she had to get herself together, get herself into the swing of the club, to fit in. Toni took a step toward the young lady. “But you can keep me company, sexy.” Toni pressed her breast against the woman’s chest and smiled. “What’s your name, baby?”

“The women here at the club call me Delicious, Dee for short. What’s yours?”

Toni had to think of a name quick, so she settled on Dime.

“Dime? I never heard that one before. I’ve heard dudes call girls dime pieces all the time, but I never heard anyone use it as a name before.” The women talked with their chests still touching. Toni asked, “Can you show me around? This is my first time here.”

“Okay. Just follow me.” The young woman took Toni by the hand and led her toward the back of the apartment. Toni estimated that Dee stood about five feet five and weighed about one hundred and ten pounds. The young woman was wearing a pair of white leggings and a white midriff. Her belly button was pierced and she smelled like heaven.

Toni had also noticed the woman had beautiful green eyes and short, brown hair. “Would you like something to drink?” Dee asked.

“Sure,” Toni said as the young woman led her through a side door. There was a bar in the corner of the room. A nude woman was serving customers. At that moment, the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” blared from the speakers. The women that were in the small room all began to shout and sing the lyrics to Cyndi Lauper’s hit song.

“What would you like?” Dee asked. She had to shout over the loud music.

“I’ll have a Rum and Coke, please.”

While Toni’s new friend ran off to get her drink, Toni spoke into the Ankh.

Isis listened as Toni explained to her that it was going to be almost impossible to find the twins. She told Isis that a young girl had befriended her, but she didn’t think she was one of the twins. “Everyone here is either a couple looking for a threesome or a threesome looking for a foursome—”

“Shit!” Isis shouted when Toni had abruptly stopped transmitting. Every nerve in Isis’ body was on fire. She shook the steering wheel with all her might. “Please God, let them be in there...please.”

“So, your friend hasn’t shown up yet?” Dee said as she handed Toni her drink.

“Thank you. No, she hasn’t. She just texted me and said that she got held up. So...”

“That might’ve turned out to be a good thing,” Dee said as she gave Toni a sexy smile. “You could hang out with me and my friend...”

Toni thought about that for a few seconds. She needed to stay focused. She knew if she went off with this girl she might miss the real prize. “Look,” she said, “I really appreciate the offer, but I’m gonna have to decline—”

“Nonsense. You just said your girlfriend is not what’s the problem,

you don’t think I’m sexy?”

Toni thought the young woman was mouthwatering. “I...”

“Come on, Dime, my friend is gonna love you. And after you meet her you can go back to doing nothing,” she said sarcastically.

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