The Twins

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Chapter Forty-Two

Toni was ushered toward the basement by the lovely young woman. As they descended the steps, Toni noticed the walls were painted with pictures of rich and famous women.

The basement was soundproofed, and it was set up like a discotheque from the seventies. Toni saw her favorite TV reality star getting her groove on with a judge that she knew. A female newscaster from CNN was slow dancing with a beautiful blonde, although the music was up-tempo.

“This is nice,” Toni said.

“Yes, I know.” Dee stopped by a mini bar and picked a bottle of Moet, then she led Toni to the back of the basement where there was a door that was painted red. Dee placed her hand on the door knob. “Welcome to no man’s land.”

Toni looked around. The room was large and dimly lit. There was a disco ball mounted to the ceiling. Delicious walked over to a woman that was sitting in a beach chair. She waved Toni over.

“This is my friend, Candi, and Candi, this is Dime.” The two women stared at one another before they shook hands.

Isis listened intensely. But the music made it hard for her to make out what was being said. Isis closed her eyes and said a little prayer.

Delicious whispered something in her girlfriend’s ear. Toni watched.

“Have a seat,” Candi said.

Toni could see the woman was undressing her with eyes like no man—or woman, for that matter—had never done. Candi was dressed entirely in black: black jeans and a black tank top. She had long black hair and her eyes were blue.

Candi slid her legs over so Toni could sit next to her on the beach chair. “So, Dee tells me that you’re all alone tonight. You can hang out with us if you like.” Toni stared at Candi’s face—as she had done with Delicious—for any signs of Stacey and Jannifer McHill, but she found nothing.

Candi removed a joint from out of her fanny pack. “You smoke?” she asked Toni.


Candi stared at Toni, then she placed the weed back into her small carrying bag.

“So, tell me, how long have you two been a part of the club?”

“Not long,” Candi said. “How about you?”

“This is my first time. My friend’s a member and she thought that it would be a good idea if I came tonight, you know, to get a feel for the women here...”

“So, did you?”

Toni stared into Candi’s green eyes. “Did I what?”

“Get a feel for some of the women here.”

Toni felt herself blushing. “Well, maybe.” Toni thought, if these girls aren’t the twins, maybe they can help me find them. She decided to really get into her role. She looked away from Candi and looked up at Delicious.

The DJ played a song by Steve Perry: “Foolish Heart.”

“Oh my God, that’s my song,” Dee shouted. She grabbed Toni by the hand. “Come on, Dime, let’s dance.” The two women started to dance. Toni held Delicious by the waist, and the two women swayed to the music. Toni pulled the young woman closer to her and whispered something into her ear. At that moment, Toni felt someone grinding on her butt; it was Candi. Candi and Delicious had Toni pinned between them. Their movements were slow and sensual, and Toni felt her body heating up. Candi slowly reached around Toni’s body and gently rubbed her left breast. Delicious was staring into Toni’s eyes. She ran one of her hands along Toni’s thigh. Candi began grinding her pelvis against Toni’s butt a little harder; she’d placed her other hand on Toni’s right breast. Delicious whispered, “Do you want to come home with us?”

Isis’s heart was pounding in her chest. “Don’t do it, Toni. Stick to the plan.” The plan was for Toni to scope out the place and to see if she could recognize the twins. And if she did she, the plan was to get a DNA sample.

At that moment, a large crowd of women exited from two houses that were on the same side of the street as the L Club. The women were all in a good mood. “What the hell is this?” Isis said to herself.

Toni and the two young women walked out into the hot summer night. There must have been over fifty women on the sidewalk. “Wow, was there another party?” Toni asked.

The girls smiled and Candi said, “All the parties on this block are connected.” Toni fiddled with the Ankh that hung around her neck. “So where did you say you two lived?”

Isis couldn’t make out what was being said--all she heard was white noise. “She must be playing with the damn Ankh again.” Isis pressed the earpiece closer to her good ear as she jumped out of her truck. Isis could not locate Toni in the crowd of women that were milling around the brownstone. More than half of the women that poured out onto the street were wearing short black minis. As the women began to disperse, Isis spotted three women walking toward the intersection. Isis—who was on the opposite side of the block--jogged past the women and crossed the street. She pulled the Yankees baseball cap she was wearing closer to her eyes and waited for the women to pass, but none of them were Toni.

Isis jogged to the middle of the block. She stared at the addresses that were on the buildings. Isis cursed Toni for ruining the transmitter. She looked up and down the block. Where in the hell could they have gone?

When Candi opened the door to her apartment, Dee grabbed Toni by the hand and pulled her into the apartment. There was a large black couch in the middle of the living room. Dee ran over to the couch, threw off the cushions, and pulled the couch out into a queen-sized bed. “Make yourself at home, we’ll be right back.

As soon as Dee and Candi left the living room, Toni began speaking into the Ankh that hung around her neck. When she was done, she sat on top of the pull-out couch. Toni opened her purse to check her .9mm. She looked around the room. It was empty except for the pull-out couch and a couple of boxes. At that moment, Toni heard bare feet coming her way. Dee and Candi re-entered the living room. They were nude.

“Why are you still dressed?” the girls said in unison. Toni’s heart was slamming against her chest. The girls both had a reddish mark on their wrist and ankles.

Oh my God, it’s them...

“ two” Toni’s anxiety was palpable.

“Are you all right?” Dee asked as she stepped in front of Toni. Dee placed her hands on Toni’s cheeks. She leaned in and kissed Toni on the mouth. Candi came up behind Toni and began massaging her breast.

“Wow, let’s take it slow, shall we?” Toni pulled away from Dee and smiled. “Where’s the ladies room? I need to freshen up.” Toni grabbed her purse and Dee pointed the way to the bathroom. Once inside, Toni whispered into the Ankh, “It’s them, it’s them.” She snatched up two toothbrushes and a comb and placed them into a plastic bag; then she placed the bag into her purse. Toni flushed the toilet, then she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She looked petrified. When she opened the door, Dee was standing there waiting for her.

“Come on, let’s get you undressed.

Candi was sitting in the middle of the bed, waiting. Dee joined her.

Toni walked around to the other side. “I would love to use this on you guys.” Toni dug her hand into her purse and removed the same double-headed dildo that she’d pulled out on Isis. Candi screamed like she was in pain. And with the speed of a cat, Candi knocked the dildo and Toni’s purse out of her hand, breaking the detective’s index finger in the process.

Toni screamed out Isis’s name as Jannifer McHill lunged at her.

Isis, who was standing right under the twins’ window, looked up when she heard Toni call out her name.

“Toni!” Isis ran up the steps. The door had a large pane in the middle of it. Isis turned her back to the door and slammed her foot against it; shattering the glass.

A man wearing a pair of boxer shorts and tee shirt opened the door to his apartment. He was holding a bat. “What the hell—”

“Call 9-1-1!” Isis shouted at the man as she raced up the stairs. There was only one apartment on the second floor. Isis removed her Glock and fired at the lock. She kicked the door open and got the shock of her life. A nude, wild looking woman had Toni in a choke hold. The woman’s back was pressed against the back of a pull-out couch, her legs were spread wide open. Toni was lying between them. The girl held a scalpel in her right hand and a stun gun in the other. Another girl had poured glue all over Toni’s ankles; both girls looked demonic.

Jannifer McHill glowered at the detective. Isis pointed her Glock at the twin. Isis could only see half of Jannifer’s face because she was hiding behind Toni’s head. Toni’s face was a bloody mess. Her eyes were swollen shut. Isis noticed Toni’s finger was broken and her ulna and radius bones were protruding from her skin. “Oh my God...release her or I’ll blow your fuckin’ head off, bitch!”

Stacey McHill, who was on her knees in the middle of the bed, stood as still as a statue. Isis’ weapon went from Jannifer to Stacey and back again.

Isis noticed Toni had awoken. Toni was trying to say something. Jannifer hit Toni in the neck with the stun gun. Toni shook under Jannifer’s choke hold.

“Don’t do that!” Isis shouted.

Jannifer grinned at Isis. And all the while, she hid behind Toni’s head, moving hers from left to right, so Isis couldn’t get a clear shot.

Toni recovered from the shock and began moving her lips. Isis focused on what her partner was trying to say, then Isis understood. Toni was mouthing: shoot this crazy bitch.

Jannifer kept moving her head from left to right; mixing up the movement from time to time. Isis felt the sweat sliding down her forehead. The salty secretion made its way toward her left eye. She quickly wiped it away, but not before some of it got into her eye.

“Let her go, now!” Isis shouted as she squinted from the sweat in her eye.

“Shoot her, Isis,” Toni managed to say. Isis’ hands trembled as she pointed her weapon at the deranged teenager. Isis thought she saw Stacey move. She trained her weapon on Stacey, then back to Jannifer. She did not want to pull the trigger because she was afraid of hitting her partner.

Toni spoke again and Jannifer pressed the scalpel against her cheek, bringing blood to the surface. Isis took a deep breath and tried to time Jannifer’s head movements. Jannifer grinned at the detective. A .9mm slug slammed into her mouth. Toni pitched forward, giving her partner a clearer shot. Another bullet caught her in the chin, and the third smashed into her forehead. Isis again pointed her gun at Stacey, and the words of Dr. Susan Patterson invaded of mind: If you have to kill one, kill the other also. But the detective could not do it. For right in front of her eyes, Stacey went through an amazing metamorphosis. Just before Isis had shot her sister dead, Stacey stood as still as a statue. Her face had been twisted into a demonic mask and her fingers were stretched and hooked like talons. Now, Isis watched as Stacey’s angry facial expression melted away and the face of a crying teenager took its place. The girl’s shoulders slumped and her fingers straightened out.

Stacey looked as if she was folding in on herself. She reached over to her sister and cradled Jannifer’s head; “Wake up, Janny. Mommy and Daddy are calling us. We’ve got to go downstairs...wake up, Jannifer, wake up...”

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