The Twins

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Chapter Forty-Three

Three days later, Detectives Williams and Toni sat in a courtroom at the Queens Criminal Court building. Stacey sat on the opposite side of the courtroom. She was handcuffed, and four female court officers stood nearby. The doctors at Riker’s Island had to sedate her because she had attacked several male correction officers that tried to handle her. Isis got her DNA sample, which ended up being a match. She stared at sixteen-year-old Stacey McHill, and Isis couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Stacey looked lost and spooked at the same time. Poor thing.

Dr. Susan Paterson was on the stand. She explained to the court that Stacey and Jannifer McHill were not responsible for their actions and the twins suffered from a unique form Dissociative Identity Disorder that stemmed from an unimaginable night of horror at the hands of two vicious psychopaths. After Dr. Patterson’s testimony, the judge asked Pamerla Thomas to stand. The judge apologized to the young woman before she had her released.

Isis, Toni, Pam, and her mother all joined in for a group hug.

Lt. Stone walked over to the group of women. He kissed Pam, then he gave her a hug.

Isis kissed her niece as Deloris placed her arm around her kid sister. Isis thanked God that her family was whole again.

Isis’ feeling toward the criminal justice system was still the same: she did not trust it. The disenfranchised were at the mercy of the system, which made her sick. She looked up at the symbol of justice that hung on the wall behind the judge’s throne and smirked.

Isis looked at Toni and smiled. She would have never, in a million years, thought she would fall in love with a woman. But for the first time in her life, Isis T. Williams was in love.

Dr. Patterson congratulated Detectives Williams and Toni. She hugged the detectives and said her goodbyes. Isis watched the doctor as she walked toward the doors. Dr. Patterson turned and looked at the detectives. She gave them a weak smile before she walked out of the courtroom.

“What was that?” Toni asked her partner.

Isis shrugged her shoulders as the words of Dr. Susan Patterson floated in the back of her mind: If you have to kill one...kill the other also...


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