The Twins

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Chapter Seven

A large crowd had gathered outside the housing complex. Taylor took off his sports jacket and draped it over his forearm. Someone in the crowd shouted, “What the fuck! Can we go back into our building now?”

Taylor rubbed his hairless chin. “I think they all want to get back into the building.”

Isis stared at the angry faces.

Somebody shouted, “What happened, did somebody get killed?”

Isis made sure that her Glock and shield were on display.

“Listen!” she shouted to the crowd. “I’m gonna need some information, okay?”

“Fuck dat,” someone yelled from the back of the crowd. “We ain’t no snitches!”

“Who was killed?” a teenage girl who’d pushed her way to the front of the crowd asked.

“A young man named Anthony Jenkins Jr. Did anybody know him?”

The teenage girl moved to the back of the crowd.

“It was Tee who got kilt,” a homeless said.

“Yeah,” Isis said, “He was Mr. Jenkins’ son.” Isis looked at her partner and whispered, “You saw how the girl moved away from the front of the crowd as soon as I mentioned Anthony’s name?”

Taylor nodded his head, “Yeah, I checked that out. “You want me to talk to her?”

“Yeah, and I’ll talk to the homeless guy. I think he knows something.”

As Isis moved toward the homeless man, he said, “I’m not talkin’ to no damn cop. Fuck dat!” The homeless man flashed a toothless smile. “Cops think dae could come down here--”

Isis--without thinking--grabbed the homeless man by the shirt and shook him.

“What the hell were you going to say, dude?” The homeless man’s eyes grew large. “We’re trying to catch the guy who killed your friend.” Isis realized that she was still holding the homeless man by his shirt. She released him. “Look, I just want to get the guy who done this to Anthony, that’s all, don’t cha wanna help me?” she said, in a more soothing tone. The sexy smile that she’d flashed at the homeless man weakened him more. “C’mon,” Isis said, “Let’s go over here and talk.”

After her talk with him, Isis thanked the homeless man, then looked around for her partner. She’d spotted him with the teenage girl. Isis wondered why he was looking at the girl the way that he was.

“Taylor,” Isis called out as she moved toward her partner. “Whatcha got?”

“Well, the girl...I mean, Katohwa Byrd, was Anthony Jenkins’ girlfriend. She said that she saw, Tee, that’s what she called him, entering the building with two crackheads.”

“Did she get a good look at them?”

“Yeah, she said that one was a light skin black and the other was a Puerto Rican, and that they were filthy--”

“Did she say that they were from around here?

“She said that she’d never seen them before. She also said that the black girl had a bald head--”

“She didn’t say anything about a man?”

“No,” Taylor said, as he closed his notepad. “She didn’t say anything about seeing a guy with Anthony.”

Isis massaged her temples. “The homeless dude said the same thing and gave the same description of the two girls.” Isis looked at the crowd. Two girls...but how in the world could two girls do such a thing, she thought as she stared at the faces that were staring back at her.

“Two girls? How could two girls do such a thing?” Taylor asked, echoing Isis’s thoughts.

“The real question should be why...why would they do such a thing?”

Stacey and Jannifer ambled out of Jonathan’s apartment building on One Hundred and Twenty-third street. Jannifer gave the driver the finger as she and her sister strolled past Jacob’s vehicle. Jonathan’s driver glared at the two women.

Fuckin’ whores, he thought. The driver waited for over an hour before he’d decided to give his employer a call. Jonathan’s phone went straight to voicemail for the sixth time. He got out of his boss’s car and marched over towards the building. Jonathan’s driver tapped on the door. He noticed that it was ajar. He was told by his boss to never disturb him while he was in his apartment, but Jonathan had an important meeting that was scheduled for 3:30. It was now 4:00. The driver tapped on the door again as he slowly opened it.

Stacey and Jannifer re-entered the State Building on One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street and jumped into a waiting elevator. When they’d returned to the lobby, the twins locked arms and ambled out of the building. Jannifer had Jonathan Jacobs’ USB drive in her hand.

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