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The Book of Sorrows

The Book of Sorrows of St. John the Divine

23 1. And I must speak of the land of Sorrows.

2. And I saw a new land between Heaven and Earth: for this place is unlike the other place of wanting and reflection.

3. And whosoever was wanted by the shadows must fall to their knives and beckoning: for they shall be no stronger than the lamb against the wolves when the collectors return.

4. And the door to this land opens in but one direction: none may leave its walls, but all the chosen must enter.

5. And in this land of Sorrows are the unending times of darkness, for they shall see but little light, and forms both long and twisted from their earthly shape.

6. And I saw the dead, both sad and quiet, stand before its closed doors: their pleas and cries are but silenced.

7. And neither death, nor Hell, nor the land of waiting, nor the kingdom of Heaven lead to this land of Sorrows.

8. And I saw the beasts with fire for eyes, stalking the living and the dead, as the wolves do the sheep.

9. And I heard a scream that shook this land as it sounded, and all the inhabitants of this dark place stood still and scared.

10. And he saith unto me, take heed the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time of the land of Sorrows is at hand. And when I walk again between the light and this land of darkness, only then will they be put to peace.

11. For the one that walks of both light and dark, living and death, he will be their savior.

12. And the kingdom of Heaven should be open to them, those unwanted by Him, but saved now by he who walks between the Earth and the land of Sorrows.

13. The grace of our lord Hesus Christ be with you. Amen.

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