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It’s a story about janae Hoskins. believe whatever 🤷🏾‍♀️

Thriller / Drama
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Chapter 1. Ramona

(Friendly reminder i was only 15 when this happened)

Cover my thoughs in gold im your flower watch me unfold my vulnerability lettin' you consume me , the parts of me eyes can't see the glowing underneath picking off the petals i'll let you if you're gentle.

"i remember that somg playing in the background when i was a kid my father was a women beater." i said looking up at my group.

"there were these days when he'll come home drunk it's like it took over he wasn't himself." i signed.

"that was me and my moms favorite song we played it when we were cookin, writing and drawin."

"can you remember anything else or was that it remember no ones forcing you to talk." she said and i nodded.

"i can try to remember."

"so what you're saying is yo momma's dead because of ya fatha?." a random girl said.

"i never said she was dead where did you get that from?."

"just putting shit togetha aint that why we hea?."

"yes miss ramona but it's janae's turn to talk could u be quiet?."

im guessing ramona never liked listening to people.

"so where's ya fatha?." "RAMONA." miss brown yelled.

"sorry sorry." she said putting ha hands up in defense.

"well guys j hope you all have a wonderful weekend remember if any one of you guys are going through something give me a call." she said and everyone left..

"hey new gorl wait up." i hear ramona yell.

"What do you want?."

"im sorry fa what i did in group i hope you can accept my apology and we can be friends." ramona said.

she bust

out lauging.

"im sorry i could'nt keep a straight face i was dying."she laughed.

"can i help you?."

"in fact you can help me out i was wondering whatcha doing lata?." i hate that she's playing with that nasty gum in front of me that's rude!!!

"um my school work why?."

"i wanna hang out with you

ya know go out n buy clothes fa the both of us." she giggled.

"i have to check my shedule if im not busy i'll give you a call." i faked a smile.

"i know ya aint busy just please please please think about it."

"fine i will."

"yay." she giggled jumping up and down.




"momma im home."i yelled out to her but no response.


i put my backpack down grabbed the mail and i started walking throught the house looking for this lady.

"ma you good?." i asked shaking her.

"why you keep yelling gah damn what the hell you want anyway?."

"i just wanted to tell you i was back im sorry."

"you just like yo damn daddy always with the sorry i hate that shit." ja looked down messing with her nails.

"im up now whatcha want?."

"im hungry."

"didn't they feed you at that place you went to?." she asked grabbing a smoke.

"i had a half a donut with a sip of coffee." she smiled.

"you ate something?."

"yeah aren't you proud of me?." she nodded.

"janae you're doing okay and im sorry for yelling at you."she hugged me.

"it's fine ma but i ahhe something to ask you."

"what's it?." janae looked her mom in the face wondering if she should ask to go out with "ramona"

"well i met a friend there and she wants me to hang out with ha tonight could i go?."

"as long as you don't get into any trouble you should be fine." i hugged my momma.

we've always had a bond no one could break it was inpossible to break us up!!!


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