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Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

…Well everybody was listening keenly in class a student (Mathew)lying on a bench with blood on his nose and ears. teacher ( violet)threw chalk at him he didn’t seem to respond so went near got shocked as he bled and students got too shocked they rushed him to the hospital and Valentina (who had a crush on Mathew) who was roaming in corridor got shocked seeing, ran to the hospital doctors said that he is unconscious looks like someone had beaten him up well he is just senseless u can see him after few hours

Val rushed to see him and was blocked by Augustina Mathews’s girlfriend she doesn’t like other girls talking or seeing him Val pushed august away and went into the room to see him with a basket of fruits crying and holding him august entered and shouted at Val how dare u push me aside and come here .....

And then the doctor entered and said y are u both shouting in front of the patient get out they both went out and then a guy wearing a blue denim coat with a white shirt and white pants with stripes entered with a basket of fruits and a bouquet says "excuse me pretty lady standing there could u please move" Val while august was sitting in a chair ” pardon is it me” said Val

Ugh can’t you hear me it’s you Valentina” says I can’t Xavier” why would you not allow me to see Mathew,” says Xavier Val says I would allow but the girl sitting in the chair wouldn’t allow you” Xavier went near august and asked why you would not allow me

When did I say that only I only said Val, not you said Aug., why would not allow her ” that’s none of your business”, says Aug. u don’t have to argue with her for me says Val why “can't I argue for you, my princess” says Xavier what I’m, not Ur princess and you aren’t my princes Xavier says Val Xavier says y can I not be your prince won't give a chance” well I can’t give u a chance I want to be a princess not to you but another person kindly excuse me” what in shock who is that ” says Xavier well I would I’d rather not. prefer saying to you Xavier well I never mind Valentina okay doctor arrives can I see Mathew now asked Val to doctor yah u can see him when Xavier enters he sees Mathew asks what happened to you are you okay now Val approaches near Mathew and asked who made you like this aug pushed her away and stared Val and asked what happened to you who made u like this Michael began to speak and said well someone bet me he came dressing in a black suit with a mask, gloves, and shoes and he asked will u bring ur girlfriend to me? she says she can’t come with me wanted to be got into a fight with me and said don’t say it to anyone or else Valentina will be kidnapped august in a shock said I’m ur girlfriend how can she be ur girlfriend? well wait said Mathew and Xavier asked are you both secretly in a relationship or what are u betraying ur girlfriend Val shouted well u both shut up I will say what happened actually daniel and me were friends back then was he fell in love with me not me where I was in love in with another person when he came to know that he couldn't stand it and then begin to threaten and tried to make feelings for him then I stopped talked to him he began chasing me try to blackmail me etc and now he wants me badly and august he have seen me and him together that's the reason he said to Mathew I was his girlfriend and I'm not in a relationship with Mathew and she began to say that it would be nice I was in...and then stopped Matthew asked what where u about to say Val replied Nah Nothing" and then Mathew got discharged to home and next day Xavier was walking behind Valentina while she was heading to a shop she looked back and saw where he managed to hide back and he kept following her and this time Val saw her and asked may I know the reason behind following me he replied nah I didn't follow you why ? would I follow you I know u are lying tell me the truth said Val well how did you find out it was lie? well don't divert me Xavier reply to my question as she said she was pulled by someone who was hiding in the street he stuffed a kerchief into her mouth while she shouted Xavier and he made her dizzy while Xavier came running back he threatened that he would make a cut in her neck and Xavier silently called police and when he heard police coming he ran away pushing her to down which made her get dashed her head in a policewhile Xavier rushed to hospital and police asked Xavier can you tell how he looked he replied sir I can't see his face he had a mask on well Valentina knows who he is we will know answers only if she wakes up and zaraa rushes to the hospital what happened to Val its someone who made her like this he then tells everything to him and I don't know who it is and the doctor said her head is severely injured and she has a deep cut on her neck she is critical saying this made Xavier cry and zaraa sad and he begged to doctor please save her then Mathew came to the scene what happened to val zaraa explained every thing to him since Xavier wasn't in a position to say anything mathew consoled Xavier saying she will get better and after few hours doctor came she still unconscious cant say anything will have to wait and we also arranged blood since she had so much loss on blood and after few hours doctor came out saying your prayers didn't go waste she is better now u can go and see her Xavier holds vals hand and started crying and mathew and zaara also when she opened her first which came ou of her mouth was mathew as he saw mathew and mathew asked how r u is it daniel again nah it isn't him by the way he only wants me he wouldn't try to harm me said val and said by the way thank u so much xavier if you weren't there then I would not be alive hey that isn't a big deal its my duty to save you and xavier zaraa and mathew stays with her that night leaves the next day she says its time for school don't worry guys I will take care of myself how would we leave you in this situation okay I don't have energy to argue with you guys while they talk who might be one who tried to kill val I think the person is from our school what do u think mathew said zaraa I don't think so he replied where everyone is in serious discussion

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