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Red Rum village

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Sam or Samuel is a 21 year old man who is nervous about his new job in Red Rum village after its old sheriff retired, what he doesn't know is he should have turned down the offer and worked elsewhere. I wonder what he'll find here....

Thriller / Mystery
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A new start

“I know, I know I’ll be careful Mom.” I’m kind of nervous about starting in a new town, oh! Right, I almost forgot to mention that I’m a sheriff, or at least will be when I get to Red Rum village! “Yes, I have all my stuff” I tell my mother. ‘Please insert 50 cents for 5 more minutes’ I’d better hurry this up. ” I’ll make sure to call, bye!” *click* whew! I thought she would never stop; I wonder how late it is? I look down at my wrist to check my watch. 3:20.... “I’M GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY CEREMONY!” I dash out of the phone booth back to my car; open it, and get in. Where are my keys? frantically I look around, checking every nook and cranny. Under my seat? Nope. In the door? Nope. Wait a second. I check my pocket and feel something. I pull it out and see that it’s my keys. “There you are!” I say in relief. I put them in the keyhole and started the car.

“Wow there’s really nothing out here” I say seeing nothing but forest after forest. I’m used to being far from home, but never in the middle of nowhere. It’s kind of creepy, I think I’m starting to rethink this job offer.

*BUMP* “What was that?” I slowed down the car and got out. As I walked around the car, I quickly see something behind it, and as I walked closer, I discovered a black bag. *rustle* “WHAT is THAT” I say as I move back a bit. *rustle* I move closer to it despite everything in my body telling me to get back in the car and drive off. The bag is kind of small so whatever’s in it can’t be that big. As I pick up the bag the rustling intensifies. I open the bag. *SCREAM* I drop the bag in horror. A headless chicken? No. More like something that looks like a chicken slips out of the bag and runs toward the woods. ”What was THAT?” I say in shock. Whatever it was it looked like someone had tried to mix a chicken and bunny together. ”You’re ok, your fine.” I say trying to calm myself down. I take a deep breath and walk back toward the car and get in.

It only takes me a few minutes to get to the village. As I get closer to It, I start feeling a bit calmer, after that incident earlier I’m glad that I made it here so quickly. I slow down a bit as I get off the dirt roads and on to gravel, the village is quite small when I enter it. From the picture I saw back at home, it looked much bigger. Though most things in the photo look bigger than most of the houses or cottages I must say, they all look the same, the same dark wood and dark brick but, in different shapes and sizes. As I drive through the village only a couple buildings catch my eye, one which looks like a school, is painted light red which I thought was pink but now I’m thinking otherwise, the roof was covered in dull red bricks, the windows were white and had red flowers around the border of them. While no one was outside of the school as i drove by, I could see a class going on through one of the windows. The second thing that caught my eye, well nose was a bakery, which was not surprisingly in cream white, in front of the doors I could see a stand, which I think was selling a type of pie. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back there later.

Finally, I see the sheriff office, as I pull up to it, I can make out some sort of silhouette in the window. I stop the car and get out, “hello?” I say when I walk up toward the door. *Whoosh* “HEY THERE!” a man in a brown uniform says, “Um hello?” I say confused. I thought they didn’t have a sheriff? “Come in, come in!” He says eagerly. As I walk into the office the first thing, I notice are the jail cells in front of me, which are very rusted and look like they could snap at any moment. “Come! Don’t be a stranger.” I turn towards the man and see him gesture towards an old desk with some chairs that, I’m pretty sure I could break if I even put my hand on them. “As you can see, I’ve been keeping the place nice and clean for you.” He starts brushing off the desk, then brings out some papers ” By the way you can just call me Mr. Richardson but anyways, why don’t I just quickly run through your duties.”

After he finishes, he asks if i have any questions. “Uh just one, how long have you been here?” I ask. “Not very long, just a couple of months.” Months!?” I yelled, shocked. “Well since the old sheriff died someone had to take over until we could find someone else.” “How old was the other sheriff before he died, if you don’t mind.” “Well... I’m pretty sure he was in his 20′s when he died.” ”Oh wow...” 20? I wonder what could have killed him, especially since he was so young. “How did he die?” ”He was murdered” the man says. “His legs were cut off as well” the man’s expression changed as he said that, but it wasn’t a sad look like how you’d expect, it was more of a reminiscent look. “Anyways, I believe it’s time for your tour of the town!” I follow Mr. Richardson outside, and he starts the tour. ”So, to your right you’ll find the library, then to your....”

As we finish up with the tour we start to head back to the office, as we get near it Mr. Richardson starts to say something, “Not to sound suspicious but uh,” I could hear his tone get darker as he spoke. “Just try to keep to yourself, it just makes it easier for everyone, ok?” ”Ok...” I say in response.

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