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Blind Fury (Book 2)

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Ash's blind fury towards the Holy Order leaves his spirit and mind adrift, unsure on who to trust, including himself. He fights to find a place in this new world, while continuing to search for answers and love. Will he find what he wants or get what he deserves. Aimee, confused and conflicted with who and what she is, continues to find a new purpose in the Holy Order. Unable to distinguish between duty and her current collision course with her emotions, she fights for the truth while her blind fury is the only thing preventing her from drowning in sorrow.

Thriller / Adventure
Zane David
Age Rating:

Princess of Light

The Princess of Light

A heart that is pure and a resolve that endures will overcome the darkness. Sacrifice will reveal the light within and lead to freedom from the deception of faith, as only the truth can be found when one silences the voices of others and listens to their heart. Only then will the meaning of the universe and its true purpose be revealed. Remain faithless, to remain free...

(the journal of Tiffany Laporte, Apostle of Uriel)

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