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Musings from the Mind - A Short Story & Poetry Collection.

By Sammielee All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Thriller


Musings from the mind is a collection of thoughts, feelings, and observations, all written in short stories or different forms of poetry. Be prepared for kick-in-gut writing at its finest. Read on for erotic poems, poems that tell a tale, others that pick holes in conventional idealisms in society today, along with stories that touch upon subjects all writers try to avoid. No subject is left untouched. This collection is not for the easily embarrassed, or offended.

The God Acronym

God is but an acronym
for what I feel “he up high” encompasses.
He’s nothing but a
G rand
O ppressive
D ick.

Yes, I called your God a dick
and no, I don’t feel guilty.

I have evidence that your God
is nothing more than a dick, too.
You only have to look at the news,
read the newspaper,
listen to the radio:
- The Syrian crisis
- Murders every day
- Cancer
- Disease
That list is endless.
Why would anyone who has the power
to change the state of society
and all that’s wrong with it
just sit back and watch
while innocent people suffer and die?

I posed this question to a “door knocker”
She answered, “free will”
I replied, “We don’t choose to have cancer”
Her answer, “There is another reason,” pause, “Satan”
My reply, “Didn’t your God create Satan?”
“Well yes but his intention wasn’t what happened”
“In that case, your God isn’t all powerful, and he’s not perfect either.
if your God isn’t perfect, then his name means jack shit,
so why does your God allow Satan to do this?”

Her response somewhat muted,
“He has a plan, it’s all about to change, the end is imminent”
Cue my final response, “Funny that, you guys have been saying that for decades”
... Door shut, goodbye.

Point being, it’s lies. Falsehoods and propaganda.
If I were a God, I wouldn’t sit back and watch
the children of the earth
suffer under the hands of war,
- disease
- murderers
- paedophiles
It’s as simple as that.

I take your God and I raise you the truth:
The bible is nothing but a story
with some good morals,
some good values,
and some fucking ridiculous ones too.

The bible is the biggest contradiction
The Old Testament:
- An eye for an eye
- The great flood
- Plague
- Death
The New Testament:
- Love thy neighbour
- Nativity
- Forgiveness.
Polar fucking opposites.

Apparently, according to the door knocker
that is Jesus’ doing.
If you are the father of Jesus
why the fucking hell would
allow your son to be nailed
to a cross?
A sacrifice for everyone’s sins?
Fucking laughable.

Unless you’re Catholic
then God is The Father
The Son
and The Holy Spirit.
Far fetched, no?

And that is just the umbrella of Christianity.
There are approximately
four-thousand three hundred religions.
(Variations thereof, if you will.)

Answer me this:
If God WAS real
why are there so many
different religions
and not just one?
Why are there so fucking many
variations of the Holy Book?
Why can humankind not
agree on one God?
Why do some religions
have more than one God?
I’ll answer this for you.
There. Is. No. God.

We all fill a hole in our
entities with something
that satisfies our need
to feel complete.
Some continuously spend
money, buying new things
- filling the void
until they need to buy
more things to complete themselves.
Some people use sex
some people use drugs or alcohol
and others use the comfort
of their religious family.
We are all addicts to completeness
allergic to loneliness,
our unsatisfactory lives,
and the emptiness inside.

If religion was meant to be peaceful
why does your God allow
religious warfare?
And why, (here’s where the politics fit in),
does your God deny you
the choice to get involved with politics
when God’s Kingdom
is a government?
that’s why.
Free will is given
if you choose to ignore
God’s laws
you will not enter Heaven
- you will not pass go
- or collect $200.
If you don’t repent for your sins
then fuck you to hell.

I, by no means
hate you for your views
or your religion of choice.
So please don’t hate me
for mine.
I hate religion.
I hate what it does
to the human race.
I don’t hate the followers
But I hate the lie.

I am aware that I am destined
to eternity in Hell,
and quite frankly,
I am happy with that.
It’s got to be warmer
than in heaven.
So while you’re all
playing harps on
your clouds,
I’ll be in the belly of
the earth
with palm trees
and heat
sipping strong cocktails
with sand beneath
my feet...

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