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The Birthing Male

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A young boy gazes out the window and dreams of being a mother. The thrill of being a birthing male consumes his thought process and his tender voice trembles with fear as he shares his vision of delivering a child from his body to the class. Kids giggle and tease him, their jaws agape with confusion, he continues discussing his dream of motherhood and how he’s going to change the world and be on every magazine cover.

Thriller / Mystery
Rich Lewis Jr
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The Vision

A young boy gazes up at the stars and dreams of becoming an astronaut. His vision is to command the next generation of rockets from SpaceX and set foot on Mars and build a colony for explorers on the red planet. He also dreams of a beautiful wife, many children, and a house on several acres where his kids can ride horses, pray, run free and ride motorcycles.

Back in the classroom his teacher snaps his fingers to interrupt his thoughts and help him focus on the simple task of basic math to help him achieve his goals of becoming a SpaceX Commander.

Another young boy gazes out the window and dreams of being a mother. The thrill of being a birthing male consumes his thought process and his tender voice trembles with fear as he shares his vision of delivering a child from his body to the class. Kids giggle and tease him, their jaws agape with confusion, he continues discussing his dream of motherhood and how he’s going to change the world and be on every magazine cover.

When the bell rings, books snap shut, doors fly open, and classmates race to their lockers to exchange books and get ready for their next class. The chaotic noise of scampering feet fills the hallways as emotion and commotion intermingle between hundreds of students.

Quite the opposite is happening with our young birthing male. As other boys and girls scurry around with laughter our visionary continues daydreaming and then gets up from his chair. As he stands, he practices walking foot over foot as he swings his hips from side to side just like the models who walk the runway. Under his clothes are lacy lingerie he stole from his sister and a chest strap to pinch his young tender nipples. By experiencing pain, he is reminded of having tender breasts during his cycle. His view of sado-masochism helps him be accepted within his unique world and this mentality will help him one day develop into a future birthing male and mother.

His method of pain, humiliation, and dress code are all part of his pre-birthing male training. He models his ways from his favorite pornography channels which he views on a regular basis. He’s obsessed with men dressed as women performing unusual sex acts that he finds enjoyable. After he watches a video or two, he often leaves comments for the stars to read and expresses his deepest secrets to them. He rarely gets a reply, as he patiently waits to read a response. Just the thought of giving birth makes his heart pound with excitement, his knees tremble, and an unusual sensation between his legs is felt as his fetish begins to grow into a new reality. He wants his young male face to be the future of mothers and become famous for giving birth as a biological male.

The last bell has rung at school and his summer break is about to encounter a transformation unlike anything he could ever imagine. His days will be filled with sexual deviations that include inserting objects into his rectum so it can expand and somehow deliver a human being. He begins to sit and walk like a pregnant woman and he also practices becoming a mother with a life-like doll. Just before bedtime, he brushes his hair and in the early morning hours he experiments with makeup to complete his vision.

When kids in the neighborhood are playing hide and seek, truth or dare, dingdong ditch, football and baseball, his isolation will deepen and his vision of becoming a mother will grow by the hour. He starts going through his mother’s wardrobe and pulls our selective items to wear. Wearing his mother’s clothes brings his vision a little bit closer to reality. One piece of clothing he truly enjoys wearing are his mother’s panties. Silk lined undies make him feel connected to a vagina, especially the vagina that gave birth to him. After putting on the panties, he removes his nipple strap, takes out a bra and slowly puts it on. He heads down the hall to his bedroom and clicks on his favorite internet site, an adult channel to check for any responses from his favorite stars.

As he scours the sex libraries, he comes across a unique set of videos called, Jock Pussy which ignites a burning passion deep within his young mind. His excitement grows as he watches men who are women with vaginas. He notices they have had double mastectomies and are engaging in sexual intercourse with biological men. His eyes pop wide open and his blood rushes to his young penis. He is a little confused with what is taking place within his body, but he cannot ignore these feelings.

The young male mother- to-be will spend his free time experimenting with creating a period and inserting tampons. He will begin searching for a pregnancy strap to pretend he is pregnant and going through the motions of motherhood. His belly will be extended with the imitation pregnancy belt, and he will wear nipples rings to advance the simulation of breast tenderness. To make his vision as real as possible he will pay close attention to other pregnant mothers and watch their every move, so he is prepared for the motherhood experience.

On a sunny summer day, when left alone, our mother-to-be makes a phone call to the local hospital at a university. He deepens his voice for the operator and asks to speak to anyone who can advise him on top surgery. He has an idea to initiate his vision with breast implants. He has one big problem, he’s not of legal age and his parents have no idea of what his vision in life is.

His parents are successful, common-sense thinkers, religious, and have a large circle of friends within the community. He has not shared his vision and is worried they will not support him. He walks on eggshells and lives in secrecy because he is not sure how they would react to his vision of one day giving birth and becoming a birthing male.

After being on hold for almost an hour, he gets connected to a surgical nurse who advises him to come in for a consultation. He asks if one of his parents needs to be present and she says yes. Now, the issue is to find an impostor parent so he can explore his options on top surgery and prepare for his new life.

After the visit, his dream expands into breast feeding an infant and the sensation of a newborn sucking precious fluids from his body. He plans of nourishing his child for many years to create an inseparable bond that can never be broken. To practice this step of motherhood, he will affix fake breasts to his body until his top surgery can be performed.

After thinking about this, he notices a warm feeling coming over his body. An erection is taking place. The blood rushes to his penis and a feeling of euphoria consumes his testicles and then moves throughout his young body. He starts touching the erection and then a knock on his bedroom door. At first, he fights the sensation and then accepts the euphoric sensations. After a few minutes the experience is over.

As he scours the internet for information, he is astonished to discover literature written by teachers and professors about biological men having the ability to give birth. Different thoughts race through his mind and his number one priority is to talk to these teachers and professors. He puts all his current plans aside and dedicates his free time to studying so he can someday enroll in a university that is supportive of his vision.

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