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Steven a psychopath, goes on a killing spree. Tiana, Steven's sister, but also a controversial scientist produces a pill that can surpress Steven's psychopathic urges. Now that his urges are suppressed, Steven remembers all the murders he's committed and tries to live a normal life. He wants to turn himself in but he knows that he cannot plea insanity as his psychopathic urges are surpressed which will lead him to a harsher sentence for crimes he didn't mean to commit. He is also aware that turning himself in might put his sister in danger. His only solution is to live in isolation from the world. But the pill starts wearing off and he finds himself killing animals. He sneaks back into civilization, looking for his sister but later finds out that she is kidnapped and has to make the pills to be sold on the black market. At this point the drug has completely worn out and his psychopathic urges are heightened, worse than they have ever been before. In a fit of anger he kills everyone in sight. What will happen next?

Thriller / Scifi
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Early signs

"It's a boy!" the nurse shouts. "He's going to be an adventurous little boy" Steven's mother says. And indeed he was. Steven was a curious boy and not the usual curiosity that a normal eight year old may experience, like climbing trees and catching bugs, but the suspicious and worrying kind.

Steven would walk around in the lonely woods behind his house, looking for small animals. That include squirrels, rats, rabbits and even skunks. He would catch them and then burn them alive. He would sometimes decapitate them and wait to see how long it will take for them to stop moving. Any type of torture that you can imagine, he performed it on them. It was entertaining to him, their cries made him laugh and their suffering energised him.

After watching them die, he would take a souvenir. Whether it were an arm, a tail or even an eye. He had no conscience. No sympathy. He had very long and sharp nails, he would use these long nails in order to dig a hole and bury the poor animals, as using a tool would leave behind 'evidence'. You see, Steven was a 'crime Junkie', after killing his first animal he wanted to make sure that no one will find out. He remembered his mother watching a crime documentary and so when his parents were not home, his curious self would watch and learn.

Steven was not the only curious member of his family, Tiana, Steven's sister(12), would always wonder why he was invested in these shows. So she started closely watching him. She would always wonder why her brother would always go out into the woods for hours and come back reeking of death, why his nails will be dirtier than a teenage boy's mind, why he would always look at animals with a hankering eye.

She wanted to get to the bottom of it.

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