Undead | Book 1 of Psycho Series

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An apocalypse with a twist, 'cause the protagonist's a psychotic bitch. Kristina and her psycho friends' adventure has just begun. So better get ready.

Thriller / Humor
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Undead Preface

The apocalypse bears no warning and brings all souls' lament. A shock to all - the rise of the dead. You cannot escape the clutches of evil, your actions must not be feeble. You won't live if you try to survive. The dead rule this apocalyptic vibe. ‘Kill or die’ that’s the motto, follow for you're no Frodo.

Nothing will be in order, and everything’s in a rush. Don’t spare those lost, for they’re far from salvation, far from the Devil’s fascination. Lose your sanity to escape sweet death with no penalty. Nothing will return the world you’ve once lived in, for there is no reverse button in this unknown world you’re now in.

Behold a wicked story of a certain group of friends, all who suffer from pain that lasts. It all starts with a nightmare triggered by the past. Beware their path, for they have lost humanity. Nothing passes through their impeccable herd - for once upon a time they were baby birds. Beware their path, say those who dared, for they've seen the deepest depth of hell and returned.

An apocalypse with a twist, cause Kristina's a psychotic bitch.

Cover belongs to its rightful owners.

Some scenes may be triggering. Read at your own risk.

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