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A real life story of a woman writing a man in prsion and solving a murder.

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Chapter 1

John Aghajanian 2007

As for you Marianne..

I do not mean to offend when i write, but i want you to understand. I expect boundaries when it comes to the people from my life and my past. Go ahead and continue to be Trevah’s buddy. .......................first off i would love to see who you have e-mails from saying that I am obsessive, unstable, controlling, etc. for starters i’d like to point out that i don’t show signs of an obsessed person. if anything i am rather bored by people and don’t care one way or the other about them. i have a temper, but i am definitely in control of my thoughts and am nowhere near the description of unstable. now as far as you and your gossiping friends here at the prison

...........................perhaps you should just stick with them. i haven’t had anything to really say about you in a long while, and i don’t talk to many people so that alone is proof enough to me that your buddies are a bunch of bitches. if the worst thing they can do is slander the way i walk...................well then i assume they aren’t very good at coming up with insults. i walk on my toes.................i have done it since i was a child..................my dad also does it and so do my kids. if one of you bitch ass pen pals wishes to they can come up and tell me what they think of me to my face and i will teach them how to bleed. and with that i am through with that subject........case closed.

as to my friend marty........................... i told you i was going to court marianne, and you obviously just can’t trust a person when they tell you something. .........................have i not always been brutally blunt with you ???? personally i find that behavior in itself to be unstable, and obsessive. i find your fascination with writing every swinging dick in prison to be obsessive and unstable. don’t get mad at marty................he just didn’t want to join your gossip circle it seems, and that is one of the things i like about him. finally i would like to say this..........................i have always told you what i think about you, and i have always been to the point even if i was being an asshole. if i ever said anything to anyone.........believe this...........i said it to you first. i don’t talk behind your back i say what i have to say................and if you don’t like it that is your problem. at least you know where i stand. look i am going to bed now. i have much going on right now. i had hoped to have been able to come back and write you a nicer e-mail, but as usual you had to write some infuriating bullshit to me before i got the chance. anyway i am sure one of your sycophants will write you something on the lighter side. I have asked you to stand by me. I want to solve this murder. I dont want to be prison and I certainly wont want to be here till I am 80. You must believe me and you must help me to solve this. I cannot do this on my own. Believe in me...its all I ask. Stick with me forget everything else. I hope youare here in the morning. John.

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