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Alana Thompson is in a game. A game where she has to evade death in exchange for riches. A game which she doesn't understand but takes on anyway. She has to fight for her life in an endless loop of nothingness. ➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿ This is a work of fiction.

Thriller / Horror
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Frustration bubbled inside of Lana. It frothed at the tip inside her very being as she sat there. 8:36. She hated this feeling of dread that sat inside of her. Maybe there was no escaping it. Maybe her time in this world had ran out.


She scolded herself, willing herself to shift from despair. The Seeker had made it clear that she would be out of this cycle of she found who was out for her blood. The Seeker had given her a few ideas to help her prevent her death. But nothing worked. She has been going at this for days now. Two weeks now. And every time she died and came to another world status. It sickened her,filled her with so much dread. She puked every time she jolted back to life at 6am, having just a few hours to prepare for the next hours of her infinite death. Glancing at her phone,it read 8:40. She was waiting in her room this time around. Maybe she could sight the killer from her the hole in her door and hide somewhere in her room until the time was 9:05. Surely she'll survive if it pasts that time.

Having died over and over again for two weeks, Lana knew exactly how the day went. Nothing but her actions in preventing her death changed. But nothing worked. From being in a room full of people to being sitting with Isaiah in the library. She still died. She waited, silently,her heart trembling as the time ebbed away. It seemed like an hour had past, but it hadn't. It was what filled her with dread.

Then her alarm clock blared off,scaring the life out of her. She quickly turned it off. It was 8:55. She stood up,her legs trembling under the weight of her burden. She walked to the door, silently. She stayed at the peephole for five minutes before mustering the courage to look at it.


She looked carefully,nobody was there.

9:01. Her heart raced. Maybe she'll get away.


Maybe, just maybe she'll get away today.


A smile crept up her face as the seconds kept going. Nothing. Nobody was there.

9:05 She stilled,it was 9:05 The time she always died. Maybe she had passed after all.

Tick tock

Tick tock

Tick tock

The seconds rang in her ears.

And then it happened.

She felt a sharp pain in her eye,the one she had been looking out with.

"Hello darling, I've been waiting for you to let your guard down".

Her mouth contorted in pain,the pain riddled her body. In a matter of seconds,her consciousness was slipping through her fingers,the blood from her eyes dropped down her cheeks like heavy tears. The needle had been poisoned. She knew that with the way her limbs were going numb. She reached out, trying to hold on to her consciousness. Her head was ringing,vision fading

"You're so stupid darling" she heard from the other side of the door,a cold voice. She mouthed "why" before she slipped into the darkness.



Alana Thompson had died 14 times now.


Wheezing, Alana woke up. She was in her room. The realization that she had failed again crashed down on her. Another thing that hit her was the 14th mark. The Seeker had informed her that if she got to the 14th death,she would be erased from the minds of everyone. Scrambling out of bed,she took her phone and went through her contacts. But they were all gone. She decided to dial her mom's number. She called her, waiting for it to ring as her heart skipped. She held the phone in both her pale hands, begging her mom to reply.

"Hello" The reply came from the other line.

"Hello!" She croaked her,"Mom!"

"Mom? I think you have the wrong number"

"No,I don't,mom it's me Lana"

"I don't have a daughter, again,you have the wrong number ".

And the call was cut.

She called Ghislaine, hoping to reach her. But after being scammed a couple of times, Ghislaine refuses to reply calls from unknown numbers.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She tried dialing Rogers number but then she realized that Roger's phone blocked off calls from people he did know. What The Seeker had said was true. She had been erased from everyone's memories. She didn't exist in the memories of others.

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