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How low can you sink?

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Who killed Lindsey Wells?

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Bullshit...now listen

first off i deleted you because Marianne brought it to my attention that you had made derogatory statements about me and my character. i believe "scary" and "obsessive" were the terms you used. well i didn't see the point in continuing to try and get to know you again. instead of writing you a fucked up e-mail i decided to just let it go. i mean if that was how you thought of me then fine. then i got to read your new e-mail about me today...................WOW !!! i mean how low can a person sink. what did i do to deserve that slander and defamation of character. first of all you are trying to place judgment on a guy you knew 16 years ago who was still a teenager. you haven't been in my life since 1995. yes i use to steal and i have no problem with admitting that, however i NEVER stole a T.V. for Kora. i took a T.V. from her boyfriend Ty right in front of him...........i think you were there and it was because the asshole owed me money and figured since you were his buddy that he wouldn't have to pay. you know i never even told Marianne that you and i dated. frankly i wouldn't have called what we did "dating". we just hung out and did drugs.............and you were an addict yourself, so you shouldn't go throwing stones. yes i had a temper, but you can NEVER say that i ever laid a hand on you in anger, otherwise you would be a liar. yeah i kick at a window in a car......we were fighting...........i didn't break the window, and it is better to kick the window than to hit you.......am i right ????? oh and it wasn't your car as you told Marianne.....it was your grandma's. i also wonder.......when did you ever see me hit Joanna (i presume that is who you meant when you said wife) ???? you just are full of gossip aren't you ??? enough about all that Trevah i mean you know that was all bad enough, but then you go and write something that i feel is lower than low..................i mean straight pond scum shit........................Lindsey Wells was my friend. i mean we weren't best friends, but there were a couple times i had fun with her. all and all i liked her because she had been to jail and was down about criminal activity. she didn't judge and she a cool home girl. i never dated her..........that was John Georges she dated, and when you and i had our fling Lindsey told me you were not a good girl to try to be with......actually she said something much more vulgar, but i'm not going to go there. at that time i don't believe she liked you so calling her a "mutual" friend goes without saying. for you to write to a person (that you just met) and imply that i had anything to do with her disappearance is a horrid thing to say. for your information i was in jail in the state of Georgia around the time she disappeared. since you are good buddies with Sheehan i assume you know that he was a suspect (i heard other things as well from Ray but i'm not here to gossip with you). thank you for teaching me a lesson though......................that you are still the same old you. hey at least i'm not the one sitting on the computer all day harassing a 21 year old girl for having sex with my husband.........hehehehehe.......no that sounds pretty obsessive.........oh yeah and what was your comment........something about wanting to get her but not wanting to go to jail..............yeah that sounds pretty violent too...................take a look in the mirror sometime chick. before i go this is where i leave my mark....................smile............................learn to spell you dumb ass......your english is lousy, you grammar sucks............and you can't spell for shit. oh and if your hubby is paying for her phone (the 21 year old). that is a sure sign that he is still interested. i mean what do you need Oprah to draw you a map to see what is going on in your life. no that's right you just talk to people from South Africa about it that you have just barely met. that is just pitiful. well i am done here..............................i'd say take care but i really could care less if you do........................ writing here…

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