The 5 Stages of Grief

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Chapter 14, Marcus

He had not expected this. This was a treat indeed. He stood watching through the murky window as Miss Wilkinson scrubbed the carpet topless. He hadn’t intended to be looking in like this as he was merely making certain she was home when the cat had jumped into the ice-cream bowl spilling ice-cream everywhere. “Fucking useless cats,” he mumbled, to low for even the cat to hear.

When she’d leapt from the couch and whipped off her top with a lot more bounce than he’d thought her capable of, exposing him to a pair of magnificent breasts, he’d almost let out a “woo-hoo” of excitement and barely caught himself, covering his mouth with his hand at the last moment. To his surprise, watching her clean the mess had been somewhat arousing and he’d lingered at the window too long. When she looked up and caught a glimpse of him – of which he had no doubt, as she scrambled to cover herself and ran from the room – he’d taken off like a track-star hoping hedges and fences, skirting pools and the occasional barking dog. He hadn’t stopped for three blocks and even then only slowing to a walk to catch his breath. Half an hour later, sitting in a movie theatre watching, who the fuck knows what, his breathing and nerves returned to normal, at last. “That was not how it was supposed to go,” he whispered to himself from the last row. “Shh!” follows immediately from a guy and his girlfriend a few rows ahead. He looks around the dark theatre and it doesn’t take long to realize that – if he isn’t the only single male in the place then he was the only one not waiting for someone to join him or return from the washroom or something.

Glancing up, he took a minute to figure out what was playing and recognizes Julia Robert’s in what could only be, Eat, Pray, Love. Not that he’d read the book, but there wasn’t a corner you could stop at without seeing her massive pearly whites. Two minutes later he stood before the ticket booth to exchange his ticket for “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” staring, who the hell knows but at least it’s not a chick flick. Besides, he wasn’t actually going to be paying much attention to the movie, he had details to figure, plans to make. He was nowhere close to being done for the evening. The good Doctor had been helping him for years now, it was about time he did something to repay the debt. His smile twist across his face like cracked ice.

“The Doctor is going to be so surprised!” he whispered, slinking out in the dark to the night.

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