The 5 Stages of Grief

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Chapter 2, A.D.A. Blantyre-Tattershall

His fidgeting attracted her attention, dragged it from creepy thoughts of the man on the other side of the glass. What on earth’s he doing? He looks to be about twelve years old. Chloe wasn’t used to shy men. She was used to cops and criminals, lawyers and politicians, the odd business mogul. Not to say one was any different from the other, they weren’t. Hell, she could never decide which of the groups was more frightening.

They all shared one thing in common however – they all had monster sized egos. When they weren’t comparing their latest deal, conquest or supposed dick size, they were hitting on her. Every one of them a card carrying, ego-maniacal, self-centered, dick-wad – out-standing in his own field, she smiled remembering an old pin-on button she’d had as a teen. It was a picture of a cow standing alone in a pasture, below it read the caption “I’m outstanding in my own field.” It had always made her laugh, still did. She often envisioned it when forced to deal with one of the oh-so-many assholes she was inundated with daily, kind of her personal – think of them standing in their underwear – thing. It usually worked too. If not that button the other one, “A legend in his own mind.” Either did the trick, trimmed a little edge off the day’s flavor of ass she’d be required to deal with.

“Excuse me? Ahh…” Chloe hadn’t realized she’d even spoken. Hadn’t intended to. My subconscious must have gotten tired of waiting for him. She stifled the thought, the on-coming laugh.

Dr. Alexander looked up from the floor, this time actually raising his head, making eye contact. He didn’t have to raise it much she was so damn short but at least it was something.

He really is cute, in a nerdy smart kind of way. Not anything like the other guys I’m surrounded by, she shivered, the thought creeping down her spine. I wonder if he’s always this shy? Is this really him or is he attracted to me and not sure what to do? She was blushing a little, surprised about it too, hoping the latter was true, finding it cute. Not like it would be the first, she was perfectly aware what happened to men when they attempted to impress a woman. How either their testosterone took over making them colossal morons or how they lost motor skills, the power of speech, intelligent speech anyway.

The Doctor, if indeed he was attracted, seemed neither. He looked as if he’d never seen a female before and was honestly not sure what to do now that he had. Chloe found herself staring at him, smiling at his awkwardness, wondering what he might do or say next? Whether she should take over and lead the conversation, guide him. No, it would be best to let him find his way, she decided. Just before he spoke.

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