The 5 Stages of Grief

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Chapter 11, Gloria Thompson

“You are de most selfish, egocentric, evil, black-hearted, connivin’, two-face bitch I ‘ave ever, in i entire life, had de displeasure of grounation. I would rather starve dan cotch yahso one more minute.“Her Jamaican accent became stronger the angrier she became and at the moment, Gloria was spittin’.

The drunken slur was unmistakable. Spittle hung from her lazy bottom lip as she approached, careening off of the hallway walls, drink in one hand, cigarette – which she never displayed in public believing her own lies that no one actually knew she smoked – in the other. It reminded Gloria of something her grandmother used to tell her when she was a little girl growing up back home. “It isn’t that the liar lies which insults us – but that they think we believe them.”

"You get the fuck out of my house, you dirty, black, bitch. And don’t you ever come back – you hear me!” Mrs. Reichmann tripped and fell over one of the bags she had yet to remove from the hallway from earlier that morning. “How dare you speak to me that way? Monkeys like you should be taught a lesson – sent back to the jungle where you came from!”

“Oh – de i kyan bet your skinny, white, ass, on dat. I won’t be comin’ back, de i pathetic tin’ of a woman.” Gloria slammed the door one last time, praying never to see the sanctimonious bitch again.

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