The 5 Stages of Grief

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Chapter 14, A.D.A. Blantyre-Tattershall

“He said his name was Grant, that he’d just come in to clear up some outstanding tickets and possibly a warrant or two. That was half a week or so ago. Never seen him before that, didn’t recognize him if I did. I can look up the exact day in my notes if needed. What do you make of it? I’ve got to admit, I’m a little freaked out with it – that he walked right in and was talking to me, I mean. Makes my hair stand on end.” Chloe shivered, felt it creep through her core, rubbed her hands over goose-fleshed arms to warm them, shaken about meeting this Grant character earlier that week.

Funny how the first person she thought to include once she made the connection was Dr. Alexander. What did that mean? She would have to give it some more thought later. Right now, she needed to get her thoughts straight, figure out exactly where she, as in the District Attorney’s Office, stood.

“I’m not sure myself. I’d like to give it, him, some more thought. If I come up with anything, I could keep you informed – if you like that is?” He was back to acting like a schoolboy again, no eye contact, staring at his shoes, shuffling his feet.

Chloe looked down, checking her buttons to ensure sure she wasn’t over advertising, caught him watching her then his eyes and smiled. “Yes. Please do.”

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