The 5 Stages of Grief

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Chapter 10, Rachel

Rachel felt strange walking down the street in nothing more than the latex skirt Grant had brought her and the flimsy, near sheer blouse he’d picked out to go with it. Upon leaving, he forbade her to leave the house at risk of severe punishment if she did. Yet, in the same breath had laid out this outfit, stating, “If you do choose to disobey me my-pet – this is what you are to wear and nothing else. Other than shoes of course. No underwear – not a stitch! Do I make myself clear?” The twinkle in his eye contradicted the stern tone of his voice. He knew she would go to see the Doctor, was practically daring her, and that was precisely what she was on her way to do.

He had not even turned the corner when she shut the door behind her and started on her way. Her braless breasts bouncing as she walked, the jiggling causing her already tender nipples to rub against the silky fabric of her top, arousing her sex once again. She could feel her juices reawaken, run freely down the bare skin of her inner thighs – the texture and consistency slightly differing from his, which loped in thicker rivulets, though followed the same path. She hoped the breeze, which blew unimpeded about her sex, would dry the oozing lubricant before it slid below the hem of her impishly short skirt.

Funny, she mused to herself, I thought I’d be more self-conscious about walking in public, practically nude. She could not stop the smile that stole across her face. Turns out I like it.

She didn’t think much of Dr. Reichmann or what she might say to him when she arrived. Her thoughts were too caught up with the punishments she might have to endure – would have to endure – when Grant found out she’d gone, that she’d disobeyed his command. She was both frightened and excited by the thoughts of what her reprimand might be, her imagination running wild with unlimited possibilities.

The next she knew she was standing in the waiting room of Dr. Reichmann’s office. Without another thought, she opened the door and poked her head in. “Dr. Reichmann, are you busy?”

He looked surprised, her presence unsuspected. “No, come in Rachel. This is unsuspected. What brings you all the way down here? You didn’t have an appointment today, did you? I must admit, you have me at a disadvantage since the…” he paused a moment, looked to gather himself then pushed on, “I don’t have my appointment book or journal. It seems all my things have been misplaced or possibly confiscated since the incidents. What can I do for you?”

She looked at him a moment before speaking – choosing her words carefully, controlling her temper. She wanted to handle this with as much professionalism as possible, just like he’d taught her.

“Well, Dr. Reichmann, it’s like this.” She looked around then waved her hand towards the chair. “Do you mind if I sit?”

“No, not at all – please sit.” He looked at his watch.

“Don’t worry Doctor, this won’t take long. I only came to tell you that I’m no longer in need of your services.”

She watched his eyebrows rise in question. “Oh? Considering your medical history, do you think this is wise?”

“You don’t appear surprised.”

“No, not really. I more or less expected you. Well, you or Grant in any case, I wasn’t sure which of you would come. Does he know you are here?”

“I expect he does, though we never discussed it. This was my decision.”

“I see. And what will you do when he’s finished with you? When he’s left you for another on a whim or for a good time?”

She smiled. “Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it, shall we? Who knows what the future will bring? Maybe we’ll merge together over time, like one of those old couples you see walking in the mall or on cruise ships I imagine – never having been on one. You know the pair I mean. They do everything together. They even dress alike. Stranger things have happened, Doctor. I feel something here, like we are two halves of a whole, that coming together may be right for us both, give us the chance to become one.” He was staring at her, which was why she had continued to ramble on and on.

“That is a particularly intriguing notion – that you are two halves of a whole. I see you are set on this, and though I believe this will end poorly for both of you and I hope you change your mind, my door remains open to you. I wish you both the best. Do you know if Grant feels the same – whether or not he will be continuing with me?”

“I honestly don’t know, Doctor. He didn’t say. We never spoke of this….” She trailed off in thought. This isn’t the way I thought this would go at all. I thought he’d be more… I don’t know – confrontational, demanding?

She hadn’t noticed him rise and he was all the way around his desk by the time she noticed him at all. “Then give my best to Grant when you see him. Which, I gather, will be relatively soon gauging by your state of dress.” Whatever his implication, he left it dangling, though the mischievous twinkle in his eyes filled in any blanks.

He held his hand towards her in an offer of gentlemanly assistance. She stretched to the right to retrieve her purse which she’d placed beside her chair, bending slightly at the waist, and caught a glimpse of the dried remnants from the day’s earlier stimulations glistening on the inside of her thighs. She looked up towards the Doctor wondering whether he’d noticed. He smiled at her again. Red flushed her cheeks in heat, spreading, flooding, overwhelming, her juices erupting once again.

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