The 5 Stages of Grief

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Chapter 14, Carl

It was all Dr. Reichmann’s fault. Had he been there to council him, to make things right, maybe she wouldn’t have left. After all, hadn’t he agreed to her terms? Yet she’d left anyway, the very next day. He’d phoned the Doctor ten or maybe twenty times to no avail, as the Doctor hadn’t picked-up. He’d even shown up at the office and sat in the waiting room – except Dr. Reichmann hadn’t come out to check and of course he could never knock.

What was he going to do?

He would have to handle this himself. Carl sat and pondered the problem for a moment, attempting to get his anger and hurt under control. He breathed deeply, from the diaphragm, counting as the Doctor had taught him. One, two, three, four – deeper – five, six, slow it down, seven…, eight…, nine… and ten. He sighed feeling calmer.

“She’s never coming back,” he said aloud, to make it true, “so why should I sit by idly by feeling sorry for myself – letting her get her way?” He put himself in motion, gathering up the tools he would need.

“If she won’t be with me – her husband – why should she be with anyone at all?”

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