The 5 Stages of Grief

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Chapter 5, A.D.A. Blantyre-Tattershall

She could hear the staccato clicking of her heels against the pavement of the parking-lot reverberate off the masses of concrete surrounding the downtown station as they walked toward her car. Each had their arms full. Hers with files, as they would put the finishing touches on the paperwork needed to put this case to bed tonight. His held two large suitcases she hoped would fit into her trunk.

“That was a long session today.” It sounded lame the moment it left her lips. She followed it with a weak smile. Her guts were turning inside, her senses and emotions heightened, turned to the point where one more twist would strip the whole damn works.

“Yes… I’m glad it’s finally over.” The pause between her question and his answer seemed abnormally long.

At least he feels the pressure too, she sighed in relief. “My God! How far is my car for Christ’s sakes!” It felt the first natural thing she’d said in the last hour or so as this inevitable moment crept closer, lingered over their heads like an executioners axe.

He dropped his bags to the asphalt, a snort of laughter peeled from both mouth and nose. “Really! My arms are about to wrench from their sockets. Do I look shorter?” His laughter had taken hold of him now, the tension finally breaking through, exposing itself for what it was – tattered nerves and anticipation. He sat down on one of the cases. “I mean – can you even see it from here? Are we close or should I call a taxi?”

She took perch upon the other case. “Just a couple more miles, I think. Maybe one of us should go on, send back for the other. If they make it that is…” His laughter peeled through the vast open space. He snorted attempting to catch his breath. The sound overcame her efforts, her resistance to joining him. The two of them sat in the middle of the police parking-lot on overstuffed suitcases, reeling in laughter and tears and the over animated arm slaps and silliness that comes with a mixture of overtiredness and the release of pent-up tension. It was exactly what they needed.

Walt was the first to recover. “Why don’t we leave this stuff and bring the car back? I mean if it’s not safe here for a few minutes, what chance if any, would we have of making it to the car anyway?” Small bursts still erupted from him erratically, but nothing compared to a few minutes ago. He held out his hand to her to help her rise. She took it.

Standing, he let his hand fall to his side, releasing hers, and began to turn towards the elusive car to continue the journey. She reached out placing her hand upon his side. He stopped, frozen. She took the opportunity to move in close and put her arms around him, lay her head against his chest. Her eyes began to water. She didn’t care. “Thank you for not giving up on me. For accepting me as I am….”

She heard the emotion in his voice, the irregular beat within his chest as his breath caught, his heart began to race. “I love you…” he paused to catch himself, control the emotions about to overwhelm him. ”You’re perfect Chloe… just the way you are.”

They went home.

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