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This is where I will dump essays. These are unrelated to each other so Any extra things I write will be featured here. Please enjoy and suggest any topic that you want to learn about or want me to cover. Short essays and long essays are both included in here, ranging from serious topics like screen time to casual ones like cats. Any story suggestions would be cool too.

Thriller / Poetry
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Lessons to be learned

Part 1

Beware of the whispers, for the whispers are lies.

Do not blame others, hence, giving up the power to change.

Lose one minute of life, not the way round.

Enthusiasm should not override caution, so be cautious about everything.

Show gratitude to anything, fate or destiny, only when gratitude is due.

Starve and remain free of evil, then be a fat slave of the same thing.

Do not trust flatterers, or be prepared to lose what you prize the most.

Hasten, but slowly, because life is not going at top speed.

Use your treasure and do not boast about it, or lose your treasure and meet unexpected disaster.

Stay united as we stand, and do not divide, as divided we fall.

If you allow people to use you for something, then people use for their own purpose.

Set yourselves at one thing, or you will make no friends at all.

If you betray friends, expect to be betrayed yourself.

Pick a side, and stick to it, for traitors richly deserve their fate.

Be careful for what you say, you will always be taken at your word.

Take care of your tongue, before you judge the tongue of others.

Part 2: Heed my word, before you lose all.

{I don't know how or how I came up with this or what the motivation for this. I'd like to share anyway}

There is something to be realized and fast, and I know what you're looking for... Actually never mind.

But I'll tell you this: Consider it a free warning.

Beware! You will lose people who you call friends if you keep this up. The thing you keep up is the thing you must realize, as it may offend anyone. You NEED to realize this before you lose all. Tread carefully and pick your destiny with utmost care, or you could lose all before you realize it, and then it will be too late. And I swear you don't want this because it ain't pretty.

So, reader, heed my words and look. Look at yourself before you look at others. Correct yourself before you correct others. Judge yourselves before you judge others.

Remember! Anger has its place and hate is just an emotion as is love. Also, remember! People might take you at your word, and you might even regret saying things. So watch your tongue before you cringe at the tongue of others.

Friends are also likewise. Do something persistently, or say something idiotic, will turn them against you. So realize quick and fast before you lose all.

What you do and say are your real monuments and what people actually remember of you. These are the things that matters the most, not your thoughts, as they cannot be seen until you act on them. Words and actions are equally important and should not be messed with. Heed my words before you lose all, and brand yourself something you don't like.

Remember! Times change a lot, and anyone can be offended at anything. So adapt swiftly. Also, know for sure before calling someone your best friend, or even friend. It's deceptive because if they don't want it, they WILL betray you at a given chance.

Heed my words before you lose all.

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