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Chapter Forty

Billy Dee peeled out of the bar’s parking lot and onto Belmont. Something was not right with that Majuski fellow. His I.d. and badge appeared authentic, but his story…? What secret group worked out of the Superintendent’s office? Hmm. He drove east passed his police station. Where was he going? His thoughts flashed to Majuski’s partner, the idiot who tackled him. Someone said he went to Illinois Masonic. Shit, he had to get to Melissa at the hospital.

He drove to Halsted and turned right. Even though he had no siren or flashing lights, he blared his horn and went through stoplights and signs. He stopped counting the traffic violations. He picked up his phone and added one more.

“Sarge, this is Billy Dee.”

He had to move the phone from his ear as Flynn yelled. “Where the hell are you? We got a call of a shooting up the street.”

“Listen Sarge, I know about the shooting. I was there.”

“You were? What the fuck were you…”

“Damn it I’m calling you because the mess with Rakow and this shooting may be connected.”

“What? How?”

Billy Dee sighed. “I’m not sure. It’s a feeling.”

“A feeling? Are you nuts?”

“Sarge don’t go crazy on me. I need a favor.”

He pulled the phone away from his ear again as his sergeant ranted.

“Stop shouting and listen, damn it. Can you look in personnel for a detective Majuski?


“Common spelling, M a j u s k i… Don’t know his first name. The badge number went something like 475… I’m drawing a blank on the rest.”

“Anything else and why?”

“Yeah. Does the Superintendent have an investigation unit that works out of his office?”

“What’s this about Billy Dee?”

“Just do it, Sarge. Call me back when you find something.” He made a hard right into the hospital’s parking lot. Then pushed end.

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