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Chapter Fifty-Two

Pytor saw the outline of Frieda’s breasts as she stepped toward Ana. Hans remained in the entryway and leered in his direction.

“ Mine Herr,” he said, “ tut gut Deutsch Schwänze interessieren?”

Ana raised her palm. “Stop please.”

Frieda’s unbuttoned shirt rested off her shoulders exposing her round breasts.

“Was hast du gesagt?” You do not like? I promise you will enjoy very much.”

She glanced at Hans and then Pytor. “Oh I understand. Your friend is shy,” she said to Ana. “You did not know he likes deutsch schwanze? Hans is very good and he will be gentle.” She touched Ana’s arm.

Ana recoiled and leaned toward Pytor “Really please, we just want to be by ourselves.” She looked at Pytor and then at Frieda.

Frieda knelt on the floor by Ana. Her hands rested on Ana’s ankles. “It is a new world,” Frieda said, “love and sex, is to be shared. We of the Aryan race must expose our beauty and give of ourselves. It is our duty.” Her hands moved up Ana’s legs to below her thighs. If you would rather I will ready you for Hans then your friend can partake of my pleasures. We will make Germany and our Fuhrer proud.” She let her shirt fall off her body.

Pytor gasped. He had not seen a naked woman other than his wife. The first time was on their wedding night.

Pytor’s voice shook. “ Eh… Frauline… wir danken Ihnen für Ihren. We thank you for your willingness… to share.” He paused and his voice became stronger. “It is the right thing to do in these times, but,” he looked at Ana, “she is more than enough for me.”

Frieda stood within 4 feet of Pytor. She rubbed her breasts with her hands and thrust her upper body towards him.

Sie würden diese für sie geben?

He felt sweat roll down the side of his face. “Yes, I would give those up for her.”

Frieda turned to Hans. “They are in love, Hans. Can you believe it? Love? Ha.”

Hans came towards her and placed his arm around her. He kissed her breasts and then her mouth. His hand grabbed her ass.

“Yes, Hans, let’s show them how to love.” Frieda removed his shirt.

Pytor jumped from the couch. “Please, enough. How much do you want to leave?”

Frieda gently pushed her partner away. “You want to give us money?” She said. Her eyes glared at Pytor.

“If that is what it takes… yes.”

“You think money buys everything? That is what Juden think. Are you a Jew? I know it is rare for Jews to be tall and blond. I’ve heard some mascaraed as one of us… as an Aryan, and try to fool us. But there is one way to find out, mine Herr. One special way.” She nodded at Hans.

Ana flew off the couch. She wrapped her arms around Hans and ran her fingernails down his back. As he bent down to kiss her, she slammed her knee into his balls. “Run,” she screamed.

Pytor grabbed Frieda and threw her on the couch. They ran down the darken hall.

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