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Chapter Fifty-Six

The moans of the injured and sick could be heard through the thin curtains of the hospital’s emergency room. Majuski made himself comfortable on Billy Dee’s gurney. “Can I have a minute?” He said to nurse Callen. The security guard McNulty was next to her. “It won’t take long. I’m part of the police investigation. A lot has happened here in the hospital as well as with Ms. Stone.”

Callen looked at her watch. “Okay for a few minutes. A room should be available any time and he’s going, like it or not.”


We’ll be just outside.” She stepped toward the other side of the curtain. McNulty followed.

“Something isn’t right,” McNulty said to Callen.

She looked up from her clipboard. “A million things aren’t right tonight. Must be a full moon.”

“No, listen. All the cops went to the 6th floor. That’s where that poor fella landed when he fell or was pushed down the elevator shaft.”


“I don’t know but…”

She waved him off. “We’re right here.”

McNulty considered what she said. “I suppose.” He wiped his face with his hand. “I need a vacation.”

“We all do.”

Seconds later, Majuski pulled back the curtain and walked towards them. “Thanks,” he said. He put his notepad in his pocket.

They watched him go down the hallway and take the stairs.

“I’ll check on our patient,” Callen said.

“How you do’n Officer Jackson?” She glanced at the monitor and then his face. His eyes were half shut. He didn’t respond.

“Officer Jackson? Billy Dee? Oh shit.” She pressed the code red button. Bells went off and a voice on the loud speaker notified personnel.

The intern in charge ran in. He shined a small light at Billy Dee’s eyes and asked Callen what happened. He checked the monitor, while she gave a brief history and saw the heart rate rising at a rapid rate. “Is he diabetic?”

“I don’t know,” Callen said. He has a broken rib and was being treated for the pain.

“Get the glucagon kit.”

Callen ran toward the locked medicine cabinet. She yanked out her key ring and fumbled for the right one. Her hands shook. She had worked in emergency medicine for years and was still awed by life’s abruptness. Seconds? Minutes? The lock unsnapped and she pulled the drawer. She scoured the various bottles looking rapidly down the rows. There, and grabbed the kit.

Billy Dee’s heart rate spiked upwards. The doctor ripped the plastic covering and filled the needle with the antidote. He plunged the shot into Billy Dee’s arm. Callen stared at the monitor and held her breath while the doctor shined his light at Billy Dee’s eye.

She slowly exhaled. “His rate is coming down. Thank God,” she said.

The doctor shut his light as Billy Dee blinked.

“Welcome back,” the doctor said.

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