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Chapter Fifty-Nine

Billy Dee sensed something bright aimed at his closed eyes. By reflex his hand went to his side where his gun should have been. It wasn’t there instead he felt his skin. That woke him with a start. There were at least two or three people in scrubs around him. A person with a mask held a small light pointed at his face.

“Welcome back.”

“Where have I been?” Billy Dee asked. The words were slurred and seemed to fall out of his mouth.

“Are you a diabetic?”

He had heard that voice before. He was sure it was recent. Think. It came to him after several seconds. It was that nurse, Callen. The one who screwed up with Melissa. He tried to sit up but he was gently pushed down.

“You need to rest,” he heard Callen say.

“Ok, I’ll take it easy.” He must have grimaced.

“Something wrong?”

Nah, well yeah, the last thing I remember was… Jesus what was his name? Ma… Majuski, he wanted to talk. Where did he go?”

“You mean officer Majuski?” Callen asked.

This time he did sit up. “Hold on did he tell you he was an officer? Well I’m pretty damn sure he ain’t.”

“Officer Jackson, please. You have a broken rib and you almost went into insulin shock.”

“What? How?”

“You are diabetic, aren’t you?”

“Diab… no at least not before I got here. What is going on?”

He saw Callen’s face pale. She stared at the doctor.

“You better get security. Wasn’t McNulty here a minute ago?” The doctor said. He wiped some sweat from his face.

Callen ran out of the room.

“Doc, I need my clothes.”

“Officer, medically I don’t think you should, but I can’t stop you. You’ll have to sign release forms.” He drew a breath. “Lawyers.”

“Yeah, I got you. No problem, I’ll sign.”

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