The Wrongdoer

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Chapter 12: Heartbroken and Lost to The World

Heartbroken and Lost to The world

After school, Ian had gone with George Frankald to work on a project so Mike was walking home alone. He heard Cindy talking to her friends on the school field so thought of eavesdropping again.

“So how did the date go?” Sarah asked.

“It was fine,” replied Cindy.

“So was I right to tell you that you should date him?”

Mike couldn’t believe it! Cindy’s friends had set him up! Cindy didn’t like him, her friends had told her to go out with him.

She had just said the things she said last night to not hurt me, thought Mike. So really, everything she told me was a lie.

People had teased Mike, ignored him, and bullied him, but no one had ever lied to him. Mike felt betrayed as he walked home. It seemed the sky had gotten quite dark all of a sudden. Soon there was a crack of thunder and heavy sheets of rain began tumbling down on him.

That night, Mike signed onto M.S.N. Messenger. He had changed his name from Mike to Mike: Heartbroken and Lost to the World. Ian soon signed on and when he saw Mike’s name he quickly sent him a message.

Wow, you got brought down low

I was set up

Ouch. By whom?

By Cindy


Her friends had told her to go out with me


Suddenly, another chatbox opened up on Mike’s computer and a foreign email address began typing,

You went out with my girl Mike, you’re dead and literally I will kill u

Mike knew right away the stranger was Bradley. But before Mike could respond, Bradley signed out and Mike began messaging to Ian again.


Hey buddy, what happened? You didn’t respond for some time

I just got sent a death threat

Then Mike signed out.

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