The Wrongdoer

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Chapter 14: The Christmas holidays

Over the Christmas break, Mike could not stop thinking about Cindy. Everything that had happened before the holidays was still on his mind and he could not get rid of it. On December twenty-first, Ian called Mike asking him if he wanted to go Christmas shopping with him. Mike agreed and they met at Antonio’s Pizza Parlour.

“So who do you still have to buy for?” asked Ian when Mike arrived.

“Everyone,” replied Mike. And when they arrived at the Yonge Eglinton Centre, he realized that was probably the same answer that any of the customers in the mall would have given if asked. The place was so crowded that if someone had lost a shoe, they wouldn’t find it until closing time. Ian was also just starting his Christmas shopping so he and Mike headed to the jewellery store to buy their mothers gifts. They looked for a few minutes and found the perfect earrings. They each bought a set of Tiffany & Corporation Elsa Peretti silver open-heart earrings. They were expensive, but the two boys believed the purchases had been worth it. Their next stop was a gift for their fathers. The two boys headed to different stores because their fathers had different tastes. Ian went to Future Shop because his father loved movies and Mike headed to H.M.V. because his father adored music.

“When we’re finished, we’ll meet back here,” said Ian pointing to Laura Secord before they left.

When Ian arrived at Future Shop, he asked one of the sales clerks where the movie section was.

“Go right through the C.D. ROM aisles and then turn left,” directed the sales clerk.

Ian thanked her and in a few seconds arrived at the movie section of the store. The trouble with Ian’s dad was every month he was interested in a different genre. September it was Comedy, October it was Horror, and November it was Drama. Ian had no idea if this month was Comedy, Drama, Horror, or maybe Science Fiction, so he went to the counter and asked one of the sales clerks if he could use their phone. The sales clerk nodded so Ian called home. Luckily, Ian’s mother picked up the phone after the third ring.


“Hi mom, it’s Ian. I was just wondering what movie genre dad’s into now.”

“I think it’s Science Fiction, but I’m not so sure.” Then she called through the house, “Karl! What movies are you into?!”

“Science Fiction!” Ian’s father cried back.

“Science Fiction,” sighed his mother. “See you at home.” Then she hung up.

Ian placed the handset back on the cradle and headed back to the movie section. He browsed a few minutes longer before he found the movie he was looking for. He took out War of The Worlds starring Tom Cruise, paid, and left the store.

While Ian was in Future Shop, Mike was browsing H.M.V. He was still looking for a C.D. his father would love. He knew that he liked all kinds of different music: some rock, some pop, some jazz; he loved jazz.

Maybe I should get him a jazz C.D., thought Mike. But what jazz artists does he like?

As he thought about this, the answer became quite clear: Oscar Peterson. In a few minutes he had found a full row of Oscar Peterson C.D.s and chose OscarPeterson Plays Broadway. But he wasn’t satisfied with his purchase. He felt his father needed more than just a C.D. so he bought him an Oscar Peterson D.V.D., Every Child’s Right as well.

Now Mike was an only child, but Ian had a 7-year-old little brother named Charlie so Ian decided to search in Toys “R” Us to see if he could find anything his little brother would enjoy. He knew that Charlie loved the show SpongeBob SquarePants so he bought Charlie The Game of Life SpongeBob Edition and a SpongeBob plush toy.

“Got everything you wanted?” asked Ian when he arrived in front of Laura Secord.

“Yeah,” replied Mike, “you?”


The two boys headed home, excited for the Christmas holidays.

On Christmas Eve, Mike had no idea what day it was. But when he was told he could only open one present, Mike realized it was Christmas Eve because he was only allowed to open one present on this day. Mike usually got over excited when it came to Christmas and always wanted to open all his gifts. But over the years, Mike had learned to control his impulse and was thankful to open only one present every Christmas Eve. The present Mike chose this year was a big package that had bright red wrapping paper. He grabbed the package and ripped it open. Inside was a pair of black socks and a blue sweatshirt. He was happy, but also disappointed with his choice.

But when Christmas came, Mike didn’t want to be rude so he allowed his parents to open their presents first. When his mother opened her present, she could not believe what Mike had gotten her.

“You should be my second husband,” she joked.

Mike’s father rolled his eyes. His father was also delighted with his gift. Then it was Mike’s turn. First, he went through his stocking; his parents still believed he believed in Santa Clause. As Mike searched through the large sock, he took out an apple, an orange, some chocolates, new headphones for his iPod mini, and a brand new blue iPod mini. The other presents he received were clothes from his grandparents and a book called Stones by William Bell along with The First Stone by Don Aker from his parents. He thanked his parents for the gifts and would soon write thank-you cards to his grandparents. It was a delightful little Christmas.

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