The Wrongdoer

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Chapter 21: A New Day

The next day, Mike came to school very drowsy. When he arrived for registration, he collapsed at his desk.

“You O.K.?” asked Cindy looking worried.

“Yeeeeesssss,” said Mike drowsily. Cindy coughed.

“Did you brush your teeth?”

“No,” Mike lied. Soon Cindy realized that they had a substitute so she sat beside Sarah; she didn’t want to be with Mike anyway. Mike didn’t notice. Right now, he just lay back not caring about anything. He had gotten high just before he had headed to school and right now time was going very slowly. The marijuana had taken over his brain. If someone asked him a question he might take a while to respond or might not even notice they asked. For the person asking though, they’d see Mike staring into space and looking too relaxed. Mike felt like sleeping when he heard someone say,

“Hello class, my name is Ms. Frongburger.” The substitute was now writing her name on the blackboard while a few kids started to giggle. “My name might be funny, but this is not a laughing matter!” snapped Ms. Frongburger. Everybody stopped laughing at once.

“Wow, that Frongburger is a real bitch,” whispered Sheen Thomas to his friend Jeffrey Halvand. Ms. Frongburger walked right up to Sheen.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing,” responded Sheen quickly.

“Good. I suggest you watch your big mouth!”

“Oooh,” the class chanted.

“Silence!” snapped Ms. Frongburger again. “So, what Ms.. Rond left for me were two sheets on similes and metaphors. Now, would you please hand these out?” she gave the sheets to Cindy.

“O.K.,” said Cindy politely taking the sheets out of Ms. Frongburger’s hands. She started handing out the sheets to the class. She skipped Mike’s seat and then quickly gave him one as she hurried back to her desk.

For the next few days, Mike spent his time after school with his new friends. Some days they would discuss their problms and Mike, if feeling in the mood, would discuss his.

“There’s this girl at my school that I really like, and I’m pretty sure she likes me, but I don’t think I’ll ever be allowed to be with her because her mom thinks I failed her,” Mike said after a few days had gone by.

“Man, just forget about her,” said Jack as he took another puff. “You’ve been talking about her every time we meet. Just have some pot and forget about her.” Jack threw him a plastic bag of cannabis and Mike got on his hands and knees and started rolling a joint. He lit it and, once he was smoking, he started to feel much better. This was his life. Every time he went to school he reeked of the sickly sweet smell. Cindy was trying to avoid him at every chance she could. A few weeks ago she thought she had loved Mike, but now she was not so sure. Mike on the other hand had never felt better in his whole life. This was much better than committing suicide. He also left school an hour early so Bradley never had time to bully him.

“What’s wrong with you, man?” Ian asked when Mike walked home with him at the end of the week. You have been acting really weird these days.”

“I’m fine,” said Mike. He hadn’t smoked that day, but sometimes he didn’t need it.

“Is this about Cindy? I mean, I’m sorry for what her mom did to you but you’ve gotta get over it.”

I’m fine,” Mike said again.

“And you smell like…I don’t know…pot. All the time.”

“Ian, stop worrying about me,” Mike said, irritated. “I’m fine, really I am.”

“O.K..” But Ian wasn’t so sure.

When Mike arrived, the boys were making some deals with this younger looking man.

“What are you guys doing?” asked Mike curious as he descended the hill. The boys turned around to see Mike standing there. They gave the man his money and soon he left.

“We’re just getting more supplies,” said Jack as he gave Mike the box of crack cocaine and heroine.

“You’re drug smugglers!” exclaimed Mike.

“Shhh! Keep it down,” hissed Jack.

Mike was not that surprised. He couldn’t believe what he had gotten himself into. He knew that if they kept this up they would be for sure arrested. Mike didn’t want to be a part of this so he ran away, hoping to never see them again.

When Mike arrived home, his mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Usually she would ask him,

Where were you?” and Mike would usually respond,

Out, rather harshly.

Usually his parents would then talk with him after dinner asking why Mike had skipped last period. Mike would say that he was there and that his teacher must have made a mistake. Soon, this response got old and Mike would respond with, “I felt like skipping.” His parents would then threaten him with no television, computer, or something else Mike used to enjoy, but he usually didn’t care and just headed to his room. Today though, his mother said,

“Some girl named Cindy called.”

“Oh.” He went to the phone and dialled her number. Cindy answered after the third ring.


“Hi, it’s Mike.”

“Hey, I need to talk to you about something.”


“I’ll tell you tomorrow. After school, come to my house.”

“O.K.,” Mike said a bit confused. “I know where it is.”

“Goodbye.” Then she hung up.

“Bye,” Mike said anyway.

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