The Wrongdoer

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Chapter 22: Cindy's little secret

When Mike arrived at Cindy’s house, her mother opened the door.

“Go away. How dare you come back here,” she said as she closed the door.

Mike watched as the door began to close in his face when he heard Cindy say,

“Hi mom, Mike’s here to apologise to me about what he did; we’re going to talk about it in my room.” She opened the door to let him in. Her mother scowled at him as the two teenagers headed upstairs. Once in her room, Cindy sat down on her bed and Mike sat on the wooden chair.

“Mike, you’ve been acting very strangely.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Mike feeling guilty.

“You smell like…I don’t know…pot, every time you sit beside me in English. I don’t know how Ms. Rond doesn’t notice.”

Yeah, I know,” said Mike again. “I’ve been with this gang for the past few days. They’re drug smugglers and we just smoke pot and stuff.” Cindy was shocked at this. She hadn’t expected anything like the response Mike had just given her.

“You have to stop,” she said matter-of-factly.

“I already have. I found out that they were drug smugglers and I didn’t wanna be arrested for smuggling.”

“Well that’s good. Listen Mike, I really do like you; I just wanted you to come here so I could find out what’s been up with you and I know that this year has been a real downfall for you. And so I’m happy that you did the right thing.” She leaned over and planted her warm lips on his. Mike hugged her close, hoping she would never leave him. They stayed like that for quite some time.

“I love you too,” Mike whispered as he kissed her forehead. He knew that Cindy hadn’t used the word, but the word conveyed so much meaning for him.

When Mike left, Cindy quickly kissed him on the cheek before her mother appeared.

“So I hope you understand what you did was wrong,” said Cindy as she closed the door behind him, but was able to sneak in a small smile before the door was completely shut.

In school the next day, Mike went up to Cindy’s locker and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner with him that night. Besides school, Mike didn’t see Cindy anymore because her mother had cancelled the tutoring. It was hard to explain to his parents but they told him that they soon would find him another tutor.

“Sure,” said Cindy. “Where?”

“How about Gamberoni’s?” Mike asked.

“Sure,” said Cindy. “What time?”

“How about seven?”


That night at 7:00 P.M., Mike arrived at Gamberoni where he had to then stand in front of the PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED sign before he could sit down. It was nothing like Antonio’s Pizza Parlour; the food was more expensive and the restaurant had two floors. The main floor was fairly small and so there was limited spacing. Mike waited until the hostess walked up to him, ready to seat him. Mike asked her if a girl by the name of Cindy had arrived. Mike gave his name but the hostess shook her head. She led Mike to a table for two close to the window and handed him a menu.

At 7:10 P.M., Cindy arrived. Soon, she was directed to Mike’s table.

“Sorry, I had to finish some math homework.” She sat down putting her small pink purse beside her. Mike noticed that Cindy was wearing blue eye shadow and her fingernails were painted a light blue. Cindy sometimes wore eye shadow and always had nail polish on her fingernails, but he assumed she hadn’t just been finishing her math homework. Mike just nodded to her as he opened up his menu. He felt like pasta and he thought pasta marinara would be perfect. He asked his girlfriend if she wanted to split it with him. Cindy agreed, so that’s what Mike ordered. While they were waiting, Cindy asked, “So, seen any movies lately?”

“No. Not really,” was Mike’s reply.

“Would you like to see a movie with me?”

“Sure. What movie?”

“How about The True Believer?”

“Sure.” He had no idea what the movie was about, but he trusted Cindy.

When their food came, Mike noticed that they got one huge bowl of pasta marinara but only one plate.

“I’ll go get another plate,” he offered. Cindy nodded. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving. He was happy that he could do that now without being slapped in the face.

After they had finished their meal, Mike paid for the food and he and Cindy walked outside to a clear night sky. They took the subway to Eglinton Station where the closest movie theatre was located. Mike stood in line at the ticket booth while Cindy went to buy popcorn and drinks. When their purchases were complete, the couple gave their tickets to the man at the drop box and they headed for the theatre.

The movie was O.K.; Mike had felt he had seen better films... The plot was a bit lousy and he found the acting kind of cheesy. The two though didn’t really care about the film; they were just happy to be together. The couple walked home hand in hand. When they arrived at Cindy’s house, Cindy wrapped her arms around Mike and kissed him on the lips before she went inside. Mike walked home with a big grin on his face and blushing from ear to ear.

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