The Wrongdoer

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Chapter 24: The Threat Notes

On April 10th, Mike’s first period was Health. Their teacher Mr. Shworts was going to teach the class about the different types of drugs. Mike wasn’t really listening to him since he had been already involved with one well-known drug, marijuana. Soon, the class was assigned to choose one specific drug and conduct a project on it discussing everything from its variety of street names to side affects of using it. Mike chose marijuana because he was obviously very familiar with it. Mr. Shworts gave the class some time to work on their project so Mike asked if he could go on the computer at the back of the room. Once Mr. Shworts agreed, Mike began researching his topic. He found a lot of information and even learned some new things about the drug that he hadn’t known before. By the time the bell rang, Mike had completed half his project.

Second period was English and they were learning about synonyMs.. As soon as Ms... Rond started handing out the synonym sheet, everyone began working. Mike received a note in messy handwriting that was sent from Bradley.

“What’s that?” asked Cindy pointing to the note. Mike read it and shoved the piece of paper into his pocket.

“Nothing,” he shrugged, keeping it away from Cindy. Mike visualized the note in his head:

You better watch yourself Mikey. Your girlfriend might just end up in a bad condition…

Mike looked back at Bradley, he was grinning.

Third period was Math and Mike wasn’t listening when Mr. Crad told the class that there would be a surprise integer test sometime next week. All he paid attention to was the next note Bradley gave him:

You’re better off alone.

Mike was worried now, but more for Cindy. What was Bradley going to do to her?

At lunch, Mike was really concerned about Bradley’s warnings. He was so troubled that he accidentally bumped into Cindy, making her fall; but luckily, she was not carrying any food.

“You O.K.?” he asked as he helped her up. Cindy nodded. He saw Bradley looking at him with evil eyes.

“Cindy, I need to tell you something.”

“O.K.,” said Cindy waiting.

“Not here,” whispered Mike. “Come with me.” He led Cindy down to the first floor where no one would be around. They were now alone standing in the hall.

“Oh I see what you wanted to tell me,” said Cindy slyly as she slipped her tongue into Mike’s mouth. Mike tried to avoid her but in the end he gave up. Once warm lips were unstuck, Cindy asked, “So what did you want to tell me?”

“I just wanted to make out,” he lied. He knew he couldn’t tell Cindy now.

On Tuesday, Mike was really anxious. He wasn’t sure if Bradley was going to hurt Cindy that day. He had failed to tell her that Bradley was threatening to hurt her and there was no one else to talk to since he and Ian had refused to speak to each other. He couldn’t tell Cindy, he just couldn’t. He wasn’t sure how’d she react, but he needed to tell someone.

First period was Science, and Mike received another note. A substitute had replaced Mr. Curlz but the substitute was now out of the classroom. Mike read the note.

I know you guys are hanging out together. If you keep doing this, you’re gonna get it good

Mike wrote on the back of the note:

What are you going to do to Cindy?

He sent the note Bradley’s way. Mike watched Bradley read the back and write something down. The note was sent back. Sheen Thomas had become the delivery boy and was getting annoyed with the constant back and forth.

“Jesus, guys. If you’re gonna pass this many damn notes, why don’t you just talk to each other?”

Bradley looked at him if he were a donkey with abnormally large ears.

“Don’t question me,” Bradley threatened. Sheen shrugged and passed the note to Mike. Mike unfolded it.

Trust me, you don’t want to know, but I will do something horrible to her.

Mike had no idea what Bradley meant by “horrible” and it made him really nervous.

That night, he tried his luck and called Cindy to warn her about Bradley. But when Cindy answered, he tripped over the words and ended up saying,

“When do you want to go out next?”

“Let’s just wait a while. We’ve been going out like every week. Let’s give it at least a few weeks.” Then she hung up. Mike stared at the phone as he placed it back into its dock. He had failed to warn her again.

After Cindy hung up the phone, she went out with her friends to go shopping for clothes.

“So you must really love Mike since you’ve gone out with him so much,” Amanda pointed out as she was scanning the graphic T-shirts on hangers.

“Yeah,” replied Cindy as she looked for a good shirt with lots of stripes.

“So when’s your next date with him?” asked Sarah curious.

“I don’t know,” said Cindy with honesty. They were now walking home with the clothes they had bought. “I’m just going to leave it for a while. I might invite him to see you guys soon.”

“That’s fine with me,” said Sarah. “You guys?” She looked at Rebecca and Amanda.

“Sure,” the two girls chorused together.

“Jinx,” said Cindy and they all started laughing.

On Wednesday, Mike didn’t know what to do. Bradley was enjoying Mike’s worrying and made it worse by tripping him so all his books went flying. One book hit Cindy in the back.

“Watch where you’re going klutz,” chuckled Bradley as he walked to his next class. Cindy turned around and walked towards Mike.

“You O.K.?” asked Cindy as she picked up Mike from the floor.

“I’m O.K.,” was the reply. “Bradley just tripped me.”

“You should stop him from bullying you.”

“Yeah, I’ll stand up to him,” said Mike, but he really was unsure.

That night, Mike felt he had been trapped in his house for too long so at 7:00 P.M., he walked outside to get a breath of some fresh air. He walked all the way to Wanless Park where he then saw Bradley sitting on the swings with his friends drinking from beer cans. They crushed them on each of their heads after they consumed each can, laughing. Mike ignored them as he headed home.

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