The Wrongdoer

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Chapter 30: Answers

But she wasn’t alone. Before she made her way to the station, she called up Mike’s mother to ask her if she had Ian’s number. She felt that his best friend, even if he was mad at him, should see him. Besides, maybe they’d make amends. When she called Mike’s house, his mother immediately picked up the phone and Cindy asked her if she had Ian’s number.

“Where is Mike?” she asked. “He didn’t come home yesterday. Did he sleep over at your house and just didn’t tell me?”

“You don’t know?” asked Cindy shocked.

“Know what? What’s happened?”

“He’s at the police station.”

“The police station! What did he do? ” cried his mother. “He has been acting strangely but I never thought the police would get involved.”

“It’s alright, Misses Roberts, Mike’s fine. He just got mixed up in a few things. I just wanted to call Ian because I believe he and I should be there, just to cheer him up.” Cindy then proceeded to explain to Mike’s mother what he had been arrested for.

“He robbed a store!” Mr.s Roberts let out. “My little Mikey robbed a store? So he’s been arrested. Oh my God, I can’t believe this. I’ll give you Ian’s number and then the three of us will be driving down to the station together. My boy needs a serious talking to. Failed grades, bullied, and now this.” Cindy now knew why the police might not have contacted Mike’s mother.

“Misses Roberts,” Cindy said trying to calm Celia down. “I think it’s best if Ian and I go alone.”

“No Cindy,” said Celia trying to control her anger. “I am Mike’s mother and I know what’s best for him. I need to be there. But here’s Ian’s number: four-one-six, seven-eight-zero, four-eight-five-six. I’ll meet you two in my driveway in about fifteen minutes. Bye.” Cindy shut her cell phone as Mike’s mother hung up. Shit! How could she have been so stupid? She should have expected Mike’s mother to be over reactive. She now thought her son was a criminal without really knowing the whole story that Cindy thought she understood. If only Mike told his parents important things. She dialled Ian’s number; maybe there could be some way that they could beat Mike’s mother to the police station.


“Hey Ian, it’s Cindy.”

“Yes?” he asked curious about the call.

“I’m calling about Mike, but before you hang up the phone, I have something to tell you.”

“I don’t care what he did. He’s fucked up his own life by hiMs..elf. His fault. Now don’t call me again. How’d you even get my number? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Goodbye.”

“Ian, wait, please. Have you seen the front cover of the Star?”

“Yes. I know he robbed that store. Like I said, his fault. Not my concern. Goodbye, Cindy.”

“Ian, why are you such a jerk?” Cindy covered her mouth instantly, realizing that she should have kept quiet.

This question angered Ian.

“Why am I such a jerk? It’s Mike that’s the fucking jerk! Smoking pot, ditching his best friend, ignoring him completely actually, and all because he fell in love with you!”

“You asshole!”

“Cindy, no, I didn’t mean that. It’s just that Mike —”

“It’s not Mike that’s the jerk Ian, it’s you. Goodbye.” She clamped the phone shut, fuming.

Ian stared out the window as he placed the phone back on its dock.

“SHIT!” he cried. “Shit!” His parents weren’t home, so no one heard him yelling through the house. He kicked the sofa and sat down. He needed to think. Cindy was right. He was a jerk. He knew his best friend better than anyone. He stood up against Bradley to save Ian and he shot the bully in the back to protect his girlfriend. He had smoked out of confusion. He had attempted suicide because he was also confused; he didn’t understand what to think after it felt like he was being pushed away from society. And the bullying, Mike took it. Ian hadn’t even tried to save Mike when Bradley found a new target. Mike never told him, but Ian had always known. He was the jerk, not Mike. He had dismissed his friend. Mike was a kindly spirited boy who needed friends to know that he wasn’t a failure. He needed love. He needed friendship. He needed Ian. Ian could be angry with Mike, but it was Ian who should be angrier with hiMs..elf.

He got off the sofa and pressed redial on the telephone. Cindy answered surprisingly.


“I’m coming.” He hung up the phone.

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