The Wrongdoer

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Chapter 39: Detention

It wasn’t until around 5:00 P.M. that Charlie found Ms.. Shemel. It was just by chance he was heading up to the second floor to find Mike when he heard the loud banging and screaming. Charlie had fallen asleep in his chair and didn’t wake up until 5:00 P.M.. When he woke up, he had headed to the kitchen to see if Mike was still busily working with the stove. When he arrived to find that the stove was as dirty as it had been when Mike had reported to him about his tutor, he wasn’t happy. He stomped up the stairs towards Mike’s room knowing that Mike would be doing something much worse than cleaning stoves. That was when he heard Ms.. Shemel’s cries for help. Without any concern for the room, he told Ms.. Shemel to stand against the back wall as he kicked the door in. The closet was so small however that when the door fell, it hit Ms.. Shemel who immediately became unconscious. Charlie carried the heavy woman onto Mike’s bed, his face livid with anger.

“WHERE IS HE?!” he cried. His voice carried all the way down to the lounge area where Mike was sitting comfortably watching a rerun of The Simpsons. When he heard Charlie’s voice, he immediately turned off the television and waited for the worst to happen. He heard Charlie’s loud echoing footsteps as he ran down the stairs. When he reached the bottom, Charlie cried, “MIKE ROBERTS! REPORT TO MY OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!” Mike knew where Charlie’s office was; it was just across from the stairs that led up to the second floor. Yet, he didn’t respond to Charlie Butler’s demand. When Charlie didn’t get an immediate reply, Mike heard him searching rooMs.., slamming doors as he went. A few times he even heard him cry, “OUT OF MY WAY!” which Mike knew meant he had come in contact with other young offenders.

“Jesus, Charlie, chill!” Mike distinctly heard Mark say about two minutes later as another

“OUT OF MY WAY!” burst from Charlie’s lungs. Charlie didn’t say anything more as he kept looking for Mike. Mike just sat down lower in the couch, not sure what would become of him, as he waited for Charlie to appear. Before Charlie reached the lounge, he could hear him cry, “I’LL KILL HIM! I’LL KILL HIM! I — YOU!” Mike turned around to see a deep purple faced Charlie Butler heading towards him. Charlie didn’t say a word and looking as ferocious as ever, he grabbed a clump of Mike’s hair, yanking him off the couch. Mike didn’t say anything or squirm as he was dragged down the hall and towards a white door just outside the kitchen. Charlie opened the door with his free hand and they soon entered a completely white room where the only thing that wasn’t white was a black wooden chair in the corner. Charlie locked the door and threw Mike to the tiled floor. Before Mike could get up, he grabbed him by his shoulder blades and threw him against the wall. “Do you know what room this is?” Charlie asked him through clenched teeth as he pressed his body up against Mike so he couldn’t escape.

“No,” Mike said in a voice very scared and high pitched as his back crashed into the wall. Charlie had now grabbed the back of his shirt collar and was holding him up towards eye level. His dark brown eyes made him look dangerous; a look boiling with hatred and with something else that Mike had seen in one other person, Bradley Brock. Those evil eyes that he had seen had expressed hunger and the hunger to kill. It was the same look that a predator gave when it’s about to kill its prey. Mike was terrified. He knew Bradley could have never killed him, though he believed he had tried. But this muscular man pressing him against the wall could easily do that. Mike knew it wouldn’t be hard for him either. He had a feeling this room was soundproof; therefore, no one could hear or disturb them. He also had a feeling that Charlie would be very good at covering up murders. He stared back at Charlie. He could feel him shaking with rage. He threw him back to the ground, not wanting to hold him any longer, and picked up the chair. At first, Mike thought Charlie was going to throw the chair on top of him. This was what his facial expression and body language communicated. Instead, Charlie smashed the chair into the wall beside him. Mike covered his face with his arMs.. as splintered wood fell on top of him. Charlie threw the broken chair towards Mike, which barely missed him as it collided with the wall behind him. Charlie clenched and unclenched his fists as he tried to calm down. “This,” he started, his voice booming across the walls, “is the Detention Room. It is where you’ll be staying, Mike, for the next few days. You disobey me Mike, you suffer the consequences. Maybe this’ll help you understand what I meant by abusing your rights.” Then without another word, he unlocked the door and stormed out of the room. Mike heard the door click behind him, knowing that it now had been relocked.

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