The Wrongdoer

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Chapter 5: The Meeting

Mike stared up at the clock and began to tap his thumb repeatedly on the table. He usually performed this action when he was nervous. At seven o’clock that evening his mother was going to find out the truth behind his lie. Mike watched as the little hand struck six-fifteen P.M.

It was pitch black when Mike and his mother arrived at the front of the school. His mother had to use a flashlight to find the entrance. She almost blinded Principal Charles who was standing at the door. The woman Mike saw made him wonder if she was the reason for the darkness. She was like a mountain standing in front of the door. Mike had never seen a woman so muscular and so tall. He was flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe that this was his principal. Of course, he didn’t know that until she introduced herself. Mike swore he had seen the principal many times, but he now assumed that he must have not really paid attention to her appearance. Her head was inches away from the top of the doorframe and she wore a black suit jacket over a matching short-sleeved shirt and a long black skirt. Her long hair, as black as the rest of her attire, was sitting just above her muscular shoulders. The only thing that stood out from her outfit was a pair of bright red high heels. Apart from that, if Mike’s mother hadn’t used a flashlight, they might have bumped into her accidentally. It seemed though that in any minute the principal’s suit would give way to her body. Her muscular arms looked as if they would soon rip through the sleeves of her jacket. She even had muscular legs that had muscles jotting out at weird angles. Her neck also seemed to be too big for the suit she was wearing. She was a giant in high heels and Mike thought the tiny accessories would soon be crushed by the weight of her body.

This woman must work out twenty-four-seven! Mike thought. She could be the next woman wrestler or at least body builder. He couldn’t understand how the woman in black with a dash of red could even stand outside in the freezing cold dressed the way she was. Mike knew it would be as cold inside as it was here because this school couldn’t even afford heating. During the winter months, Mike usually went to every class wearing his coat.

“Thank you for coming, Mrs. Roberts,” smiled Ms... Charles sticking a meaty hand towards Mike’s mother. Her voice was clear and sharp. Mike’s mother took Ms... Charles’s hand delicately; afraid it would soon be crushed. The principal grabbed her hand and shook it hard three times. After the second shake, Mike heard a snap. Mike’s mother clutched her hand after the bone-crushing handshake as Ms. Charles led them to the office and into the conversation room.

“So,” said Ms. Charles as she sat down in her black swivel chair. Mike could hear the chair creak under her weight. He knew he didn’t want to anger this woman. She could probably, with no effort, rip the arms off the piece of furniture and throw them at him. “Let’s just wait for the others.” Ms. Charles got up to wait at the door. In a few minutes, Mike and his mother heard four yelps of pain and they knew that the other people had arrived.

Bradley, Mike, Cindy, Bradley’s mother and father, and Mike’s mother were now all sitting down in front of Ms. Charles’s desk as the giant said, “So, since that we are all here now, let’s begin. Mike, why don’t you start?” Mike stared into the eyes of everyone around him. He seemed to be in Hell and this muscular devil was poking him with her pitchfork. “We’re waiting.” Mike stared down at the gray-carpeted floor and noticed it was ripping at the seams. Before he even knew what he was saying, he blurted, “Bradley has been bullying me since Grade One.” Mike then looked at the carpet again. Like it, he felt broken and destroyed.

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