The Wrongdoer

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Chapter 44: The beginning and end

Cindy had been right. House arrest wasn’t so bad. Soon, September had come and Mike was, as the judge stated, “a free man”. It had been a rough two months, but Mike had gotten through it by constantly reading various books and watching a lot of television. He had no access to the computer so had no contact with his friends for two whole months but when Mike had left the judge’s office on May 23, his parents had told him that his house arrest started the next day and that he could still see his friends once more before his real sentence began. Of course, Mike’s parents had to be present. Mike might as well have been put on a leash since he couldn’t go anywhere alone for a while.

Mike, Cindy, and Ian decided to say their goodbyes at Antonio’s Pizza Parlour and Mike had never tasted pizza so delicious before.

The next day, Mike received from Officer Nathan an active unit ankle bracelet, which meant, that if he ever left the house, the police would be alerted immediately. Mike felt like a prisoner when he strapped it on but as the days passed, he almost forgot about the device strapped to his ankle.

Now though, Mike didn’t want to dwell on the past. He wanted to focus on the future and what Mike already knew about his future was that his friend Ian was dropping by and they were going to celebrate his release.

They met up with Cindy at Humber Bay Arch Bridge and stood and watched the cyclists and the people go by.

“Crazy year, eh?” said Ian, lightly punching Mike’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” said Mike, as the soft breeze blew his hair back. “Just think, this was where it almost ended for me.”

“Yeah,” said Ian awkwardly.

Cindy hugged Ian and Mike close as the three watched the waves crash on the rocks.

“Don’t think about the end,” Cindy said. “Think about the beginning. Now, we can begin again.”


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