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Left book 1 "this is only the beginning"

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The emotions swirling inside Jennie compelled her to leave the little room. Before she could get to the front door a strong hand grabbed her shoulder and forced her to turn around. The days of her putting this off were over. She had to make a choice.

Thriller / Action
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The olive leaf reluctantly let go of it's branch. It fluttered, twirled and even seemed to dance as it descended. It looked like one of those ancient Greek dances and it was almost hypnotizing to watch it. It eventually flew lower, till it passed the window of the prime Minister's mansion.

He was a wealthy man that much was sure. He had two villas and he possessed two country homes as well as the mansion he currently resided in. His name was Emmanuel Ben-Judah. He'd been the prime minister of Israel for only five months and already many jews were saying he was the best they'd ever had. He stood by his large window which gave him a fantastic view of the mount of olives.

Few knew who he truly was, even fewer knew what he was actually hoping to accomplish. Yet soon they all would see, they all would know.

It had been seven years since the great food shortage, it'd been five years since the worldwide pandemic, and it had been three years since nuclear war had Almost broken out. Emmanuel had made sure that a war of that magnitude didn't happen at least...not yet. The earth was so ripe like a fruit nearly falling off of the tree it was so ripe. And it was all his for the taking. First the people would love him (as many already did) then they would worship him and then... He chuckled at the thought. Then they would fear him. His cold dark eyes scanned the horizon. There were a few clouds in the air, no doubt a storm was rolling in. But it'd be nothing to compare to the storm he was going to bring. He licked his lips at the delicious thought and then he turned away from the window. There was to much to do and such little time to do it, but he would get it all done, he would do what it took. He promised himself that and he would not let himself down.

He would appear as a dove, or a knight wearing shinning armor there to save humanity, but the people could not see the snake scales under his armor, nor the poison spilling forth from his lips.

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