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Beware of the Down Low brothers!

By Kerrington Thestar Oftheshow All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery


This narrative writing is of a guide when dealing with and identifying people shadowing who hey really are in he social world of men on the down low. People you come in contact with are not always who they seem. You must not take it personal, but at the same time, not be fast, but be aware of the games they do play. Men on the down low. You will read about two different down low men the author came in contact with, how they played it off, and them how to avoid getting in trouble with them.



The DL brother is right underneath your nose. He’s in your church choir, church, school, job site, house, family, and he might even be your closest friend or lover.

Unfortunately, in certain major cities that host these kinds of brothas like, LA, DC, ATL, etc,they rule. I don’t know everything but I believe I can spot a down low brotha from a mile away. Now keep reading to hear of two particula down low brothers, and how to identify them in the general society of socializing. But, I caution you, Don’t chase after him and don’t fall into his trap. You will be doomed for failure every time.

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